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Year 6 History

In History this term, we have been exploring, 'Why was the Islamic Civilization (around 900AD) known as the Golden Age?' Through our exploration of:

  • Baghdad
  • The House of Wisdom
  • The founder of Islam- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his value for education  and desire to promote peace and collaboration.
  • The revolutionary developments made by Muslim scholars in Medicine, Science, Technology and Mathematics


We are beginning to get a good picture of what Islamic society was like and what was valued. e.g. education for all, equality, learning, working together, building on previous work of the Romans and Greeks, health and good sanitation. 


Today, I want to take you over the waters to Europe around the same time. I want you to revisit and explore Anglo -Saxon society. I want you to find out:

  • What life was like in Anglo-Saxon society?
  • What mattered to them? 
  • What they valued?
  • and to think about how Anglo-Saxon society differed to Islamic civilisation. 


Let's Review our Learning so far on Anglo- Saxon Society

The Anglo-Saxon period lasted for 600 years, from 410 to 1066, and in that time Britain's political landscape underwent many changes. This time is widely known as 'The Dark Ages.' Last Summer, during our 'Invaders' history topic, we studied the Picts, Scots and Anglo- Saxons. Today, I would like you to build on this knowledge by taking part in the Oak Academy lesson below. You will use primary historical sources to build a picture of what life was like in Anglo- Saxon society.   

Click on the resource below when the lesson asks you to.

Please bring in your work from today into school as we will be comparing Anglo- Saxon Britain with the Caliphate!