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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 7th July

Videos and Pictures please!

Don't forget to send me your entries for St. Paul's has got talent  please. Preferably in landscape mode (turn your  phone sideways!) Closing date is today!

Also, if you want to be in the end of term video, please send me your top 3 photos from lockdown.  The pictures should be of you  doing your favourite home schooling activity or holding some work that you are most proud of! 


L.O. To find evidence in a story

Follow the link below to find David Walliams reading from his most recent book, Slime. There is also a text version if you would prefer to read it for yourself. Complete Activity 1, which is about finding evidence in a text.


L.O. To read, understand and create bar charts

You should all be getting good at bar charts by now! If you've missed any days, go back and complete the previous tasks before having a go at today's work. 


L.O. To use a sorting tree

You can start off by looking at the sheet called adaptation, which reminds you about the work you did last week. Then you can read through the information about plants and animals that you might find along a canal towpath. You can then sort out the minibeasts using the sorting tree diagram from the 3rd link.

If you want to find out more about canals, you can watch the video below, or go out for a walk and explore what you can find on the Macclesfield canal!

Extra information about the history of canals.