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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 30th June


LO: To innovate poetry to create your own


Activity 4 - The Mirror of Wishes

Do you remember how, in Snow White, the wicked Queen used a mirror that always told the truth? No? Then watch this clip...

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

The poem you are going to read today, is about what happens, when different characters look into a mirror that's able to show what you wish for.


Make a list of people who might look into the wishing mirror and think about what they would wish to see. You could write about a teacher, a sailor, a superhero, an astronaut, a pirate, a dragon hunter and a writer, just like in the example here:

As you can see, each idea uses the same pattern based on two lines.


Copy the pattern but use your own characters and ideas about what they might wish for. Write your poem in your learning book or if you can print, annotate the poem directly onto the sheet.

Activity 5 - The Mirror of Despair


On the wall next to the Mirror of Wishes, there is also the Mirror of Despair. This always shows what you fear most of all happening. Think about the same characters as you did with the 'Mirror of Wishes' and write about what they might most fear. Once again, here is an example:

Again, either re-write the poem using your characters and ideas about what they might most hate to happen in their lives, or annotate a printed copy.

Maths Year 5/6

LO: To draw lines and angles accurately

You will need a protractor and ruler today, so make sure you pop into school and ask form one in the office if you need to borrow one.


Watch the video explaining how to do the work for today and then have a go at the questions on the sheet if you can.  You don't need to print the sheets as you can draw your own 'base lines' with a ruler.  Mark your work after.

Year 6

LO: To read and plot co-ordinates in four quadrants

We have covered this before, when you were in year 5, but make sure you watch the video to remind yourselves what to do. 

Then, have a go at the game on the link.

Everyone do questions 1,2,3 and 5.

For extra challenge, do questions 4 and 6.

Mark your work.


Year 5: Transition for next year

This afternoon, I'd like you to start working through this booklet.  I don't have a 'Word' copy, so if you would like a printed version, please let me know and I'll leave one in the office for you.  I would like them to be brought back to school, completed, when you return.  I would also like for these booklets to demonstrate your best writing and thinking, so please take your time to think, plan, draft and then 'do' this booklet.  You will have lots of opportunities to do this, so don't rush it.

Year 5/6: Transition for next year - letters to headteachers

Don't forget the letters you started writing yesterday.  Spend some time today, writing your draft letter.