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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 18th June

Don't forget your MyMaths, as tomorrow is the due date for all recently set tasks.

TABITGB Chapter 24

TABITGB Chapter 25

TABITGB Chapters 26 and 27

11am Live Assembly with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Join the Duchess of Cambridge and thousands of other pupils, at 11am, by clicking on the link below.  She will be speaking directly to you all about the importance of mental wellbeing and 'spreading a little kindness'. 


LO:  To improve a piece of writing

We are going to carry on editing our poems today.  Yesterday, you added some well-chosen adjectives to your poem to extend it.  Today, we will find out two other ways to extend our poems and then learn something new!  #exciting!


Take out your poem from yesterday and a pencil or pen and...


Activity 9b:  Add in a character:

This could be you, or someone else, such as: I, she, he, they, Joseph, the boy, someone, or even 'it'.  Because you now have a character, you will also need a verb telling the reader what the character is doing. Let's look at yesterday's example again and then add a character and a verb.

Eg:  The city of silence

       The forgotten city of frozen silence

       He wandered through the forgotten city of frozen silence.


Now, try adding a character and verbs to each of your ideas from yesterday.




Activity 9c: What is it like in your place?

Now, we are going to tell the reader what it is like in your place. 

Eg:   He wandered through the forgotten city of frozen silence.

        He wandered thoughtfully through the forgotten city of frozen silence,

        staring at the empty streets, abandoned shops and darkened doorways.


Now, add some of your own detail about what is in your place, what it's like there and what could happen there.


NOW, ARE YOU READY FOR SOMETHING NEW?  It's a great it is... juxtaposition!


Activity 10: Try some juxtaposition

Juxtaposition means having two opposite ideas next to each other.  This can surprise the reader as they might not be expecting it, or might have never heard the idea before.  'The City of Silence' is an example of juxtaposition, because a city is not normally silent.  Here are some other examples:

The sun of darkness

The black hole of light

The cave of dreams

The waterfall of pain

The prison of safety


Now, have a go at making up some of your own juxtapositions.


POETRY TIP:  Don't make poems rhyme, as rhyming poems often sound less powerful and will have a different effect upon the reader.


Email me photos or documents of your latest work!  I'd love to see the progress!



Year 5/6 Maths

LO: To use line graphs to solve problems

Today, you will be looking at some line graphs to answer some questions.  The questions do get trickier the further you work through the sheet, but see how many you can manage. Watch the video, have a go at the questions and then mark your work. :)



  • Remember that there are numbers 'between' the numbers written on the axes, but they are just not all written in. 
  • You will need to make sure you notice what the numbers on the axes are 'jumping' in, for example on question 1, the y axis (vertical line on the left of the graph) is jumping in 500s, with an empty marker between them, showing jumps of 250.

Year 6 Maths

LO: To compare and convert miles and kilometres

Yesterday, we were learning about the measurements of mm, cm, m, Km, ml, L, g and Kg.  These are all examples of 'metric' measurements and we most often work with these units of measurement at school and elsewhere. 


However, in this country, we sometimes use the 'imperial' measurements of 'miles', 'pounds', 'stone' or 'gallons', but what are these different units of measurement for, and why do we seem to have two different ways of measuring?

Why do we have both Metric and Imperial measures?

Examples of conversion scales

Have a go at this PowerPoint game, to get your measures brain going!

Now, watch the video and have a go at the questions on the sheet.

Mark your work.


Click on the LO link below, for the next of our Oak Academy Spanish lessons, where you will learn to speak about where you live!

Internet Safety Lesson 4

LO: To stay safe online

First, let's see how well we did yesterday. Here are all of the answers!


Activity 1: Who's Magnus?

  1. What does Sam do with Megan’s baby photo? [Shares the photo and makes it public]
  2. How does Megan feel and what does she do in response?  [She feels angry/upset. She uses Sam’s account to write a mean comment about Ellie and Alfie.]
  3. What upsets Ellie and who does she turn to? [She thinks that Sam is posting mean comments about her. Megan is unkind to her and she loses the guitar-off. She turns to Magnus, who she has met online.]
  4. Is Magnus the best person to support Ellie? Who else could help? [Ellie has only just met Magnus online and doesn’t know him ‘in real life’, so he is not a good source of support for her. It would be better to talk to a close friend, family member or another adult she trusts.]

Activity 2: What is okay to share?

  1. When does this happen in PLS? [Sam shares a baby photo of Megan]
  2. Read each scenario on the activity sheet and circle the appropriate thumb. (See document below)


Lesson 4:

Activity 1: Who should Ellie turn to?

Watch the video above and then answer the following questions: (Answers on Monday)


  1. Why was Ellie upset?
  2. Ellie needs someone to help when she is upset. Look at the activity ‘Who should Ellie turn to?’  Read the description on each line and decide whether this is a good person for Ellie to talk to. 
  3. Someone with the ‘good qualities’ they have ticked would be a trusted adult. Remember when Alfie turned to his mum when he was being pressured by the gamer in episode 1?
  4. Who did Ellie turn to? Were they the best person to go to? 

(The answers are upside down on the bottom of this sheet so try not to look!)