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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 18th June

Good morning Drake class!

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Today's literacy activity- Tiger in a Tropical Storm.

Maths activity

Today we start a new topic. Throughout the next series of lessons our children will build on their knowledge of counting from 0-50 to count to 100. Children will understand that 100 has 3 digits and one in the hundred column. They will be able to relate this to a place value grid. Children should be able to represent numbers up to 100 using various equipment such as sets of/ rods of  10, place value counters, etc. They will be able to count forwards and backwards from a given number and be able to identify the number before and after a given number. Children may  use hundred square to help them. It is important that children understand the importance of the place value columns, for example, they should be able to describe the difference between 67 and 76 in terms of tens and ones.  Ask questions such as:
Can you describe the number ___ and represent it using sets of  10 / place value counters / on a place value grid?
How many objects are there? How did you count them?
What number comes before and after ___ ?
Can you spot a pattern on the hundred square?
The number in between ___ and ___ is ___.
Write all numbers in between ___ and ___.

Afternoon activity

Please choose an activity from the afternoon activities page smiley

Hope you've had a lovely day!

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