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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 14th May

Good morning everyone,

I hope today finds you well and that you have had a good week so far. Let’s start the day with a prayer together...




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Our literacy work today...


How are your balloons coming on? We will be attaching Luca's basket today so I will show you our finished product tomorrow. I would love to see yours too. If you email them to me I will share any pictures of them tomorrow. Don't worry if you haven't made one; you may like to have a go over the next couple of weeks.


Yesterday, inspired by our 'Great Around The World Balloon Race' story, we thought about where in the world we would like to go to on our hot air balloons. Where have we heard of that we would love to visit?, what world landmarks and famous sights do we dream of being able to visit? or do we have a favourite place we have already been to that we would love to see from up in the air?


I include below some pictures of pages from the book to help take you up into the air and to think about our view of the land below. 

What we are going to do...

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So our opening sentence will say where we would like to go to and why. Maybe you could give your hot air balloon a name; just like the competitors did in the story. We will then go onto describe what we would experience and hope to see, hear, taste and touch. You can land your balloon in your chosen destination. Below I enclose a scaffold and my example based on Luca's mind map. 
Year 1 - try to add at least one adjective to describe each image you might experience, year 2 hopefully you might list what you see using commas or separate any  adjectives you use to describe your sightings with commas.

Phonics and spellings


Don't forget you can join Rosie everyday from the link below for her phonics and spelling sessions. Luca has been loving these and behaves very well knowing that Rosie is watching him!!! Each session is kept for 24 hours so you can watch at any point in the day.

Your maths work


Is on your year group page. Follow the link below to find it...

Year 1
Year 2

Topic work


Our additional curriculum learning opportunities can be found on our new topic page (link below), IF you have the time and would like to dip into these.smiley Enjoy your day.