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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Friday 9th July

Morning Oak Class!

I thought you might prefer to do online times table games instead of the 192.  Have a go at the one below or search the internet for some other ones. Don't forget to finish your My Maths too.


For PE today, I thought you could choose between some Just Dance routines or get your heart pumping with a high intensity workout. If you don't like the background music you can always mute the workout and put on your own pumping tunes to get energised! 


If you want to film your Just Dance routines or HIT workout I'd love to see them! Upload them to the school blog :) 

Good afternoon!


The work for this afternoon is below.  We will be focusing on finishing our history topic (we'll finish editing your documentaries when you are back in next week).


I hope you have a productive afternoon and I hope you have a lovely weekend too. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday for Sports Day; don't forget to wear your house colour t-shirt! 



As you know, our history topic is slavery. I have uploaded two PowerPoints about famous abolitionists and a famous slave who helped free lots of other slaves.  


I'd like you to choose one person to research (using the PowerPoints and the internet) and create either a poster or fact file or slideshow detailing all the information you have found.  You can be creative and imaginative as you want in the way you present your work!


I would like you to bring in your finished work next Friday (16th July).