Judged OUTSTANDING for Early Years, Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes (Ofsted May 2024), ......'In the Reception class, children receive an excellent start to their education.'.....'Children are exceptionally well prepared for learning in Year 1.'.....'Pupils develop as mature individuals due to the exemplary provision that they receive to support their personal development.'.....'Pupils’ behaviour during lessons and around school is exemplary.'.....'Pupils are proud of their school mission statement. They aspire ‘not to have more but to be more’ in all that they do. Pupils are happy in school.'.....

St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Friday 26th June

PE - choose a 'PE with Jo' lesson to complete or if you would like you try something different, click on the link below to take part in a yoga session. 

Spelling - Test yourself on the words you have been learning in List 2.

This week you will be learning words from 'List 3.' Please go to your year group's 'General Resources' page and find the star symbol titled 'List 3' for your spelling lesson, activity and handwriting for this week. 

Complete your 192 challenge!

RE - LO. To understand what the Sacrament of Confirmation does for us and reflect on how we could use the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Please work though the lesson I have created for you (the videos I refer to are all below.) 

Seven Sacraments Revision

Today we will be focusing on the sacrament of Confirmation however it is important to remind yourself of what a sacrament is and what the 7 sacraments are. I would like you to watch this video and complete the quiz.

The Sacrament of Confirmation

As part of today's RE lesson i would like you to watch this video on confirmation and the answer to the questions below:
1.Who anoints you when you receive the Sacrament of Confirmation?
2. What do you get anointed with?
3. Why do we get confirmed?

PSHE- LO. I can use mindfulness techniques in my everyday life.

Work through today's lesson to find out: what mindfulness is, why we might want to practise it, what research tells us about the benefits of regular practise and some techniques we might want to have a go at. After you have completed the lesson (slide 16) I would like you to click on the link below and watch a video I have filmed for you. This video will explain what I would like you to do over the next few weeks.  


History - I would like you to become an expert in Anglo-Saxon Life. I have found an excellent website for you to explore. It lets you explore original artifacts, read answers to questions a historian might ask and learn more about the Anglo-Saxon way of life. 


For the first part of today's lesson, I  would like you to spend some time exploring the website below. Then I would like you to complete one of the activities from the 'Anglo-Saxon Life Project Sheet'. Please send me your work as I would like us to read each others' work so we can become real experts!