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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Autumn 1

Religious Education Home Learning Opportunities  

In RE this term we will be exploring key beliefs about the creation of the world and the creation of human beings. We will be reflecting on the meaning of being made in God’s image as well as the story of ‘The Fall’. You will reflect on your stewardship and on your care for others through learning about St. Francis and St. Vincent de Paul.


History Home Learning Opportunities

In History this half term we will be exploring the ancient Maya civilisation. I would like you to make sure you read the 'Mayan Knowledge Organiser' and check out the BBC Bitesize link I have posted below as these two resources will help you to become an expert on ancient Maya Civilisation.  

I would also like you to read the home learning opportunities I have created on the document titled 'Mayan Home Learning Opportunities' and choose to complete a selection of these. 

BBC Bitesize have some excellent videos for you to watch, information for you to read and quizzes for you to take based on the ancient Mayan Civilisation. You can become an expert! I have listed the topics they cover in the document below so you can see what you'd like to find out about first. 

The Chocolate Tree (Read-Aloud)

Watch and listen to the Mayan Folk Tale, 'The Chocolate Tree' and complete the task on slide 3 on the 'Mayan Home Learning Opportunities' document.

Don't forget to complete your weekly 192 Challenge!