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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Friday 1st May


Rowan and I have been enjoying completing Joe's daily PE lesson. We have enjoyed it even more when we have invited a friend or grandparent to do it with us via Zoom, Face Time or Skype. Maybe one day next week give this a go- it's really fun and motivating!


LO. To understand what happened at Pentecost and reflect on how the Spirit transformed the Apostles. 

Click on and work through the PowerPoint I have created for you.

Pentecost Song No More Waiting

A Creative Take on the Story of Pentecost

Geography - take a look at Week 2 of your 'Anywhere Island Project!'


Get comfortable and listen to me reading Rob Biddulph’s ‘Odd Dog Out.’ Then watch and take part in the ‘Draw with Rob’ video below. Draw a sausage dog that reflects you and what makes you who you are! Remember we are all unique, trail blazers so remember always ‘be who you are!’  


Odd Dog Out

Still image for this video

Second part of ‘Odd Dog Out’

Still image for this video


#DrawWithRob 2 Sausage Dog

Don’t forget to share your drawings on the blog!


1) Get someone to test you on your 'List 1' spellings. Let me know how you have got on.

2) Look at 'List 2'  on the 'Year 5' or 'Year 6 Summer 1 Spelling List' for this week's spellings.

3) Click on and work through the spelling lesson for your year group below.

4) Head over to your year group's 'General Resources' page for more spelling and handwriting resources.

5) We all learn in different do you learn your spellings? What do you find most useful? Some people find making 'fortune flowers' and testing themselves useful. Others find using the 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' method most useful and others might find making flashcards and sticking them up around the house useful. 

I would like you to share what methods you find useful when it comes to learning your spellings our class blog!

Please Note - although it is a bank holiday next Friday, I will still be posting your new spelling lists and lessons as normal so click on Friday 8th May's page to find them.  


I92 Challenge

It's been great to see how well some of your are doing your 192 challenges. Don't forget to try and get someone at home to compete against you. It's good fun!