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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 2nd April

Welcome to our Thursday learning everyone. I hope you are all well. Our day is as follows;


1)I have posted a collective worship on our 'Everybody week 2' page .

2)Our Writing/RE poem is explained on our 'Everybody week 2' page.

3)Your maths is explained below.

4)Our Religion/Art work is explained on our 'Everybody week 2' page.


Enjoy your activities!



Using this week's power point below I would like you to start from lesson 3 and work your way through to the end. This will act a revision on the work we have done this week. The trickiest concept is counting the number of faces, edges and corners (vertices) on 3D shapes. Earlier in the week we set a my maths activity on this so if you haven't managed to do that yet, this would be a helpful activity for you to do.


Have a look around your home for 3D shapes and challenge yourself to count the faces, edges and vertices. You could draw a couple in your green book or post a page on the blog with you holding a 3D shape. 


I have set a symmetry activity on my maths which I think you will manage very independently. 

Shape week 2 powerpoint. Start from lesson 3