Judged OUTSTANDING for Early Years, Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes (Ofsted May 2024), ......'In the Reception class, children receive an excellent start to their education.'.....'Children are exceptionally well prepared for learning in Year 1.'.....'Pupils develop as mature individuals due to the exemplary provision that they receive to support their personal development.'.....'Pupils’ behaviour during lessons and around school is exemplary.'.....'Pupils are proud of their school mission statement. They aspire ‘not to have more but to be more’ in all that they do. Pupils are happy in school.'.....

St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Good morning everyone!smileyThank you for your emails yesterday. I will be responding later today! Don't think I've forgotten! wink


***Our weekly Zoom meeting will be at 10am this morning. Details are under my blog (from yesterday.) We hope you can join us! heartyes


 As we are reminding ourselves during Children's Mental Health Awareness Week to be creative and engage in activities that make us happy and enable us to express ourselves, we will start and indeed continue throughout our Zoom meeting with a musical and creative theme. Have your masks ready if you would like to channel your inner African tribal vibe  and bring  your musical instruments along. Don't forget your dancing legs too! Remember, homemade instruments  will be just as good. yes In a couple of minutes I’ll explain what I'd like you to practice and  have ready for our meeting. laugh

50 Ways to Feel Happylaugh


I've been looking through my happy book and found a lovely activity I thought we could do together during our Zoom. But there are a couple of things you could have ready...


  • A card circle. A good size would be to draw around the edge of a cup or mug. Could a parent punch a hole in it for you?
  • A piece of ribbon on string / ribbon/ ribbon to thread through and tie so it will fall like a necklace on you. Not too short!
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have time to decorate them before our Zoom you can just have a circle ready and decorate it later. 🤗

Our Zoom preparation tasks

Still image for this video

Music Lesson for Kids | Beat vs. Rhythm

Join ETM-LA Music Teacher, Ms. Lapuz as she demonstrates a 1st-grade level activity covering the difference between beat and rhythm. Students will practice s...

Marty Ft. Lid B. - The lion sleeps tonight | Kids Songs

Just Dance Kids The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Our other learning for today...smiley


  • Speedy sounds with Rosie from 9.30am
  • Literacy - something a little different -reflecting on the achievements of Captain Sir Tom and the message we might take from his life.
  • Maths
  • Art 


Speedy Sounds with Rosie


Help to become a more fluent reader, speller and writer by joining Rosie to become a speedy sound and word detective. 

Today's sounds are;

set 2 -ou

set 3 -u-e

longer sounds or /aw

A Chance to reflect on the life of Captain Sir Tomheart


 I think that many of you will have heard of Captain Sir Tom; the 100 year old man who raised so much money for the NHS. 

Sadly he died on Tuesday, but his family will be so proud of all that he achieved and Captain Tom will be smiling down on them from heaven, I am sure. During this week when we think about ways to feel happy and lift our selves up when we feel down, I wonder what message we can take from Captain Sir Tom. Enjoy the PowerPoint below and share with someone in your family what you admire most about what Captain Tom said and did. smiley

Powerpoint on the life of Captain Tom

PDF Version of powerpoint

Writing - 

I think you will have been quite busy this morning. If you have any time left, you might like to complete your fact sheet about the animal you painted or made yesterday. I've not yet looked at my emails; so I will share any photographs tomorrow after we have had a chance to share at our Zoom meeting.  heart

Our Maths Learning


Year 1

Today you will be recognising amounts and counting forwards and backwards on a number line to 50. You might like to print the number line below, if you didn't yesterday,  or use it to help you on the screen. smiley

Number line to 50

Spr1.5.3 - Counting forwards and backwards within 50

This is "Spr1.5.3 - Counting forwards and backwards within 50" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Year 2 Maths


Today we are learning about odd and even numbers. Think of them as counting in pairs; in 2's. Like counting in pairs of shoes. We need 2 of each to have a pair. If there is one left out then that's an odd one so its an odd one out. Once you see the pattern you will always remember it!yes

Spr2.4.2 - Odd and Even

Your teaching video

Your worksheet. These are trickier from question 5 so see how far you can get.

Our afternoon learning - Art - African Sunsets
Follow the slide show below to look at some beautiful African sunsets and how to create them...

African sunset slide show

The worksheets below show you some more images you may like to keep on your screen to help you, and some silhouettes of African animals you could print and use on your picture. Make sure you only print the pages you need!wink or you may use a lot of ink!

More images and silhouettes you could print, or you could paint your own.

The video below shows an artist using acrylic paint to create their sunset. I think the sun looks very effective in this! You can use whatever paints you have; acrylic, poster, watercolours...Why not put on some music whilst you paint? You could listen to something African inspired such as 'The Lion King.' Enjoy and don't forget to share your results with us! smileyheart

African Sunset - How to Paint AFRICAN SUNSET / Step by step Acrylic painting for Beginners

African Sunset - How to Paint AFRICAN SUNSET Step by step Acrylic painting for BeginnersCanvas Pad- 10×12********************************************💖Requi...