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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


We marked children's mental health week this week by celebrating that they all 'have a voice'. We discussed the importance of listening to each other through listening games such as circle whisper and making cup telephones! We also explored how we all like different things and it's ok to voice that you feel differently about something. We played a game where we had a series of pictures and the children had to decide if they liked or disliked it by moving to a part of the room- we discovered that half our class like spiders the other half dislike them!

We listened to the story about Smartie the Penguin and discussed what we can do to keep safe online

We had a circle time as part of anti bullying week to discuss what words are kind and which are not. We used the example of a piece of paper and every time we chose a ticket with unkind word on we crumpled up the paper. We discussed this is how you might feel if someone says these words to you, sad and crumpled inside.

Our uniquely squared elephant, proving that difference can be a beautiful thing!

To raise awareness of anti bullying week we used the text Elmer. We listened to the story and discussed how he felt different fro the other elephants. We discussed how we are all different and how this is really important that we are all unique, just like Elmer, and this should be celebrated! We created our own unique square to create a unique class elephant!

We helped Jigsaw Jennie to know what kind hands are

As part of our World Mental Health Day we took time out to enjoy 'calm me' time and enjoyed practising our rainbow breathing and discussed how this helps us and how it makes us feel

We talked about how we can work as a team. We told Jigsaw Jennie our ideas

After reading the story, Full, full, full of love, we discussed what our favourite meals were. We had a class vote to decide which of the meal pictures we liked the most!

Our first lunch in school. The children were super at following instructions and being independent.

Making new friends in our first week of school.

Meeting our year 6 buddies!