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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Good morning everyone! How are you all? I've put a slightly different  blob tree below so you can check in with one another at home. I think we can all probably feel a bit up and down! I can't wait for us all to be back in school together. smileyheart

A slightly different blob tree!

Good morning from me!

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Gosh! The two blobs at the top don't seem the want anyone to join them! They are a bit different to the blobs on our usual tree!surprise

The Wednesday Word


We join Mrs Armstrong-Boyle for this week's Wednesday Word.smiley

Our Learning for Today


  • Reading - our final read of our non-fiction books
  • Speedy sounds - Join Rosie from 9.30am
  • Grammar -Year 1 -Using capital letters for names and at the start of our sentences.                

Year 2-Contractions - using an apostrophe to put two words together to take our letters and make a shorter word...              

such as do not  to don't.

  • Lila and the Secret of Rain - we move on with the story and reflect on the story so far and predict what might happen next...
  • Maths
  • Art - making African inspires masks.






Today it's your final read of your non-fiction books; 'A Pet Tortoise' or 'Save the Whale.' Your challenge is to read the book fluently and to make it interesting to the listener. You can do this by adding expression to your voice as you read. As you have read the book three times you should have a very good understanding of what you have read. Move onto the back of the book then and see if you can answer the questions. Good luck. smileyYou've got this!

Speedy Sounds with Rosie from 9.30am each day...

Today's sounds are -set 2 -oo - poo at the zoosurprise

                               -set 3 - ure

                              The reading longer focus is oy/oi

 Try to do the speedy sounds and spellings. Year 1's choose between set 2 and 3.smiley

Our Grammar learning today...


Year 1 / Year 2’s who would like reminding about this...Using capital letters for names and the names of places (proper nouns) and at the start of our sentences.

 Please follow the link below to our Espresso/ Discovery Education page 

To login our details are; 

Enter username;  student6922 and password;  pauls321


Please  watch the Espresso teaching video and complete the online activities...Have a go at activity 1 and, if you fancy an extra challenge, activity 2.smiley

Year 2’s who would like a challenge. Contractions -What do we mean by contractions?cool

To login to Espresso/Discovery Education...

Enter username;  student6922 and password;  pauls321

Use the help mat below to help you to complete Activity 1 and if you fancy an even greater challenge, Activity 2.🙌

Contractions word mat

If you choose to record your answers to my questions about Lila and the Secret of Rain, try and put your capital letter and contraction knowledge into practice!wink
Lila and the Secret of Rain
We love to share your work and enable you to see what everyone is getting up to. This week I had some lovely videos of some of you reading out your work linked to our story.Here is Florence reading her predictions for what will happen due to the drought, or lack of water.


Still image for this video
I will share Olivia and Enea’s videos before our Geography lesson on Thursday. 💕🙌

Lila and the Secret of Rain part 1

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Lila and the Secret of Rain

Still image for this video

What do you think Lila is thinking?

If you would like to record your ideas in writing...

Our maths learning for today...


Year 1 maths


Today your maths lesson continues to look at subtracting and counting back,  crossing 10. You will use nase ten picture and  a number line to help you understand this. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet. Remember that you have some challenge cards for the week if you want to be stretched further! These challenge cards can be found on Monday's  page. 




Spr1.4.1 -Subtraction crossing 10 (1)

Remember to have a writing board or pen and paper ready to join in with the warm up activities.

Year 2 maths


Well done for all of your hard work on multiplication. smileyyesToday we turn our attention to sharing objects into groups. Have some objects ready to help you to share out into groups. You could use coins, lego bricks, grapes … 

Spr2.3.1 - Make equal groups - sharing (recap)

Remember to have a writing board or pencil and paper ready to join in with the 'get ready' questions.

Our afternoon activities



Now , this is just what I need. We have had Joe Wicks and now we have our very own  Emily who has been busy creating a super exercise video for us all. Join in and get moving! I'm sure it will make you feel ready for your learning this afternoon! I'm off to get my exercise gear on Emily. This is just what I need! smileyheart

Exercises with Emily!

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Our art activity this afternoonlaugh
I am so excited. Let me explain...

My introduction

Still image for this video

Slide show to study and help with your mask design...

Templates and photographs to give you ideas and get you started...

I hope you enjoy your day and have some fun creating your masks. I can't wait to see them! I' going to make one too! smiley