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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 30th April

Good morning Year 2's. I hope you are feeling bright and breezy this morning. I can't believe it is the last day of April! The weeks are flying by.


Your maths work is included below but all of your other activities and instructions are on our 'Everybody Week 4' page.


Maths Learning Today 


Yesterday we were looking at being able to recognise a third. Today we are going to practically learn that one third (1/3) is the same as dividing a group of objects into 3. 


So 12 divided by 3 is the same as one third of 12


Have up to 21 objects (lego bricks, pasta spirals, sweets, coins etc...)and three small plates or circles that you can use alongside the powerpoint to share the objects into groups of 3. By sharing into three groups you are finding 1/3. Don't reveal the answers until you've had a go!

Below are a set of objects (apples) which you can use to practically work out the problems below. I would suggest to  use the  practical objects you have used above; for example lego bricks, coins, pasta spirals or tubes.   You can use maybe three small plates or circles to share out the objects, so you are dividing by 3 and therefore finding 1/3.


Use your green books to record your work in. If you don't have a printer just pick a question from the chilli challenge sheets below , write it down, use your objects to to find a 1/3 (by dividing into 3 groups) and write your answer down. The first sheet below shows you how to do this. 


Chilli challenge practical challenge

This is a fun game. If you return to the home screen you can practice halves, number bonds, doubles. Enjoy!