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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Good morning to you all,

Thank you for working so hard once again yesterday. It's so nice to see the work you have been doing at home. Here are a few pictures. 


Our Super Animal Posters!

Here is the plan for today:


  • Handwriting
  • Speed Sounds
  • Reading
  • Safer Internet Day live lesson 11am
  • Maths
  • Practise for Beech Has Got Talent


Today it is 'Safer Internet Day 2021' so we will be spending some of our day learning about what this day is all about. The lesson is live at 11am so please follow the link to watch this. It will last 30 minutes. There are some activity sheets to print out to use within the lesson and also some information for parents. This is all the information you need to join in with the lesson:




Today we are practising the 'Zigzag Monster' letters. Please practise on the sheets provided on or lined paper. You could also continue to practise any other letters that you are still find it tricky to write. 

Speed Sounds 

The Set 2 sound today is 'ee' and the Set 3 sound is 'ur'. Please continue to watch and join in with the following videos:

  • Speed Sounds (either Set 2 or Set 3)
  • Spellings (either Set 2 or Set 3)

If you are learning Set 3 sounds please watch this additiona video:

  • Reading Longer Words (sound 'oo')

To develop your writing skills you may like to complete the additional Hold a Sentence Video (Hold a Sentence 1 for children learning Set 2 sounds and Hold a Sentence 2 for those learning Set 3 sounds).


Today is your second read of the book 'Beast Feast', Your challenge is to read more words than yesterday without sounding out. I know there are lots of tricky words in this book so don't worry if you need a bit of help with some of them. You may find it helpful to discuss the words found at the beginning of the book before reading again


Year 1 

Your maths today focuses on finding one more and ones less than numbers. You will need some counters to do this so use whatever you have which is suitable at home whether it's pasta, lego or sweets! This lesson is over two days. Today you only need to complete question 1 of the worksheet as you will do the rest tomorrow after you've watched a different video. If you do want to do more, you could always choose different numbers within 50 to find one more or one less than. 

Spr1.6.1 - One more one less

This is "Spr1.6.1 - One more one less" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Year 2 

Today we are starting a new unit of work called 'statistics'. Statistics a type of mathematics. It involves gathering information, summarising it, and deciding what it means.  Statistics often involves making charts and graphs and we are start to do this today. Today's lesson is all about tally charts. Watch the video and then complete the sheet. 

Spr2.5.2 - Make Tally Charts

This is "Spr2.5.2 - Make Tally Charts" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Safer Internet Day 2021 

I hope that you found the live lesson helpful this morning and that you have learnt the messages about how to stay safe online. To carry on with these theme I would like you to share the ebook about internet safety and then complete the quiz. Once you have done this you may like to use the colouring sheets or the word search.

Beech Has Got Talent Rehearsals

As you only have until Friday to prepare yourself for your live performance we thought you may like some time to practise your act for 'Beech Has Got Talent'. Have fun practising your act. Remember, if you are struggling to think about what to do, you can always just bring a piece of your favourite work to share. 


Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

Still image for this video

Part 2

Still image for this video
Enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you on Friday. smiley