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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 23rd February


Here are the first three stanzas (verses) of Valerie Bloom's poem The River. Copy it out in your best handwriting, remembering to pay special attention to the size, position and joins of each letter.


L.O. To know what a metaphor is

Watch the video and play the game on the BBC website from the link below to find out what a metaphor is. 

Read through 'The River' again and highlight any metaphors that the poet, Valerie Bloom uses. What effect does this have on the poem? Why do you think she has chosen them?

There are 8 different metaphors that she uses in the poem. Can you make a table to find and write about at least 4 of them? (I've put a sheet below if you would like to use it.)


L.O. To know what different types of angles are.

Watch the 2 videos below to find out a what an angle is.

In the first video, don't worry about how to use a protractor, but do make sure that you listen out for what an angle is and what a right angle is. 

In the 2nd video, find out what acute and obtuse angles are.

Use the sheet to colour and sort out the different angles. 


We are starting a new topic for this half term, learning about how we celebrate the Mass.

To begin with, complete the first 2 sections of the cover sheet: What I already know and What I would like to find out. You can also colour in the sheet if you would like.

There are 2 other sheets to think about and complete. These are just for you to write down your thoughts. Look at the pictures and fill in the thought bubbles with as much detail as you can. We will use them next week, so don't lose them!