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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Monday 22nd June

PE: With Joe Wicks


Class Novel

There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom - Chapter 28

English - The City of Silence Activity 11

LO: To write a poem with a repeating pattern

To start the week we are going to write a poem with a repeating pattern.  Have a look through all of the work you did last week:

  • Combinations of places and abstract nouns;
  • Alliteration and the simple list poem.
  • Extending our ideas with adjectives, for detail;
  • Adding a character and clues about what it's like to be in your 'place;
  • Juxtaposition


Now think of a phrase that you can repeat, that includes a place and an abstract noun.

E.g: In the prison of silence; Through the mirror of despair; The dungeon of doom...


Activity Choice 1:

Using one of the combination phrases, use that line as a repeated phrase in a poem.  Try to include items from the bullet pointed list at the top.

Eg: I chose 'In the prison of silence'

In the prison of silence I watch the rain trickle down the glass,

In the prison of silence I hear a lonely car pass by, wheels sloshing through a puddle;

In the prison of silence the walls oppress the warm air, which clings to the skin;

In the prison of silence there are confused cats sitting on laptops.


Write your own and make it at least 10 lines long.


Activity Choice 2

Choose a selection of at least 6 different combinations and turn each one into a verse of 4 lines.  For example, write 4  'In the prison of silence' lines, then 4 'Though the mirror of despair' lines, then 4 'The dungeon of doom' lines, and so on.


Have a look at the document below, for ways you could start your verses.

Maths Year 5/6

LO: To read and interpret tables

Watch the video, answer the questions and then answer them.

Maths Year 6:

LO: Area and perimeter

Watch the video, answer the questions and then mark your work.

Internet Safety - Lesson 5

Activity 1: Watch Play Like Share, Episode 3

  1. Watch Episode 3: ‘They have fans, but we have friends!’  and then answer the questions.

  2.   What did Magnus offer Ellie?

  3.  Who was pretending to be Magnus? Why?

  4.  Open the ‘Who’s Magnus’ activity sheet and read the task. Write down the things that made Alfie suspicious (not so sure) about Magnus.

It is important to tell a trusted adult if you have any suspicions or experience any warning signs that something might not be quite right when you are talking to someone online.


Activity 2: Can you help Grandpa George?

  1. How did Selfie use technology to help them take part in the band competition? 
  2. Open the ‘Grandpa George’ activity sheet and read the task. Write down ideas about how Grandpa could use the tablet to solve his problems: be inventive as possible.