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Aspire not have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Monday 1st March


Keep practising the spellings from last week!

Here are the activity mats for all the statutory words for this half term. 


L.O. To write a poem about a river's journey

Today, you are going to write your own poem about the river's journey. You can use any of the features of poetry that you learnt last week: verses, metaphor and personification.

Work through the Powerpoint to read a few other poems about rivers to get a few more ideas. 

Your poem needs to show a river's journey from the source, through different features such as waterfalls and meanders and it has to end at the sea. 

Remember the word bank we created on the padlet last week? Well today, you can use each other's ideas in your poem! The link is below. 

Tomorrow, we will type them up and think about presentation. 


L.O. To identify angles

Follow the link to MyMaths to practise the skills you learnt last week about different types of angles. Remember that you can go through the MyMaths lesson if you need a reminder about anything.

Make sure that you have caught up on all your MyMaths before we get back to school next week!



In this lesson, we will recap saying our nationality. We will then learn how to say which country we live in and the language we speak.

Use the link below to the Oak National Academy.


Make sure you keep up some physical exercise

  • PE with Joe
  • PAS
  • Primary PE
  • JustDance