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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Afternoon topic activities

We hope you are enjoying our topic activities and our 'safari adventure' to Kenya. On this page you will find some more activities linked to our topic for you to pick and mix from and complete in any order or an any day you choose. As we know that on some days you will have more time than others so please don't worry about doing them all on one day, you can spread the activities out throughout the week. We hope you enjoy them and learn even more about our topic! smiley

PSED: Jigsaw

The Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work has been carefully selected so that our children develop their mental and physical health. We want our children to remember their Jigsaw PSHE lessons in our school, to cherish these memories and embrace the opportunities to continue to develop their jigsaw skills. If you would like further information about our Jigsaw scheme please have a look on our main class page.


This half term the Jigsaw piece we are learning about is 'Dreams and Goals'

To introduce this piece click on the link below to view the story 'The Lion who wanted to Love'. Then discuss the questions below with you family. You could even draw a picture of one of your dreams or goals.


What are your dreams and goals?

How will you get there?

Will you let obstacles get in your way?

Will you be determined to overcome them?

Understanding the World

This week we continue finding out about the continent of Africa and the country of Kenya. Have a look at the 'Go Jetters' power point all about Africa and find out some super facts. If you like you could watch the Go Jetters episode all about Africa too. Then watch the video and join Mrs Danton as she prepares for a Safari Adventure.

Safari packing worksheet - cut out and sort the items you would pack for a safari trip


Have a look at the powerpoint below, all about traditional African patterns and have a go yourself. Be as creative as you wish!

Understanding the World- Science

Have a look at the presentation about pet animals - you might even have one of these pets at home. Then have a go at drawing a picture of one or more of the animals and writing or saying a clue to describe the animal. You can print the worksheet (just choose one worksheet - the one that you feel is most suitable for your child) if you prefer or just draw on a piece of paper. If you fancy a different activity you could print off the picture and clue cards and play a game matching the clue to the animal.


Strictly Star Oti shows us how to get up and move, follow the link below and join in with fun movement class.