Judged OUTSTANDING for Early Years, Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes (Ofsted May 2024), ......'In the Reception class, children receive an excellent start to their education.'.....'Children are exceptionally well prepared for learning in Year 1.'.....'Pupils develop as mature individuals due to the exemplary provision that they receive to support their personal development.'.....'Pupils’ behaviour during lessons and around school is exemplary.'.....'Pupils are proud of their school mission statement. They aspire ‘not to have more but to be more’ in all that they do. Pupils are happy in school.'.....

St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning to you all,


I hope you had a good day yesterday and you are getting back into the swing of things, learning from home! Thank you so much for the regular updates via email and the class blog.


Today you have some reading, maths and music work to complete. I hope you have a great day smiley.


Phonics and reading

10am – watch live Set 2 Speed Sounds lesson and Set 2 Spellings .

10.30am - watch live Set 3 Speed Sounds lesson and Set 3 Spellings .


Use the link to access the live Speed Sound lessons


If these times don’t work for your family then the videos are available for 24 hours so they can be watched at a different time of the day.


Read ‘The Troll in the Pond’ OR ‘The Pet in the Attic’ a second time ( After reading I would like you to complete the questions at the back of the book. Feel free to do this as a discussion or if you prefer write the answers in your home learning book. 



Today's maths lesson is focusing on counting in tens. To start with count in 10's to 100. Then use the Powerpoint presentation to help you learn how to count in 10's. 

Here are a range of activities to help you become confident counting in tens:

  • Play this game -
  • Create your own tens counters like we use in the classroom (use pieces of paper) and complete the task  called 'PRACTICAL - counting in tens'. You could record this work in your home learning book. 
  • Complete the activity using the hundred square 'ACTIVITY - number square 10's'.




We thought you may like to learn some new lively fun songs. Out of the Ark (website) have made available some free songs, a different song for each day. These songs are great to learn as a family and each day has a different theme:


Monday - Move it Monday

Tuesday -Together on Tuesday

Wednesday - Wellbeing Wednesday

Thursday - Thinking Thursday

Friday - Fun Friday

Saturday - Family Saturday

Sunday - Faith-filled Sunday


Today it would be good if you could learn Tuesday's song from Week 1. The song is called 'Together'. You will find the link to the website below along with an activity page which can be completed linked to the song. Feel free to dip into these songs as often as you like. They are a super resource to have. 


If you want another activity to keep you busy then you could always make your own musical instrument to play whilst you sing. There is a resource below which can give you some ideas of instruments to make using resources you may have at home.


Website link: