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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Galileo class,


We hope that you've all had a good start to the week and that you are ready for another day of learning! Today you have some phonics and reading, maths, PSHE activities to do. We also have an exciting tower building competition to share with you which you can start either today or wait until the long weekend.


Phonics and reading

Please watch the Set 3 Speed Sounds lesson for today, it's good to keep reviewing your sounds and complete the spellings part of the lesson too. This starts at 10.30 but is available to watch for 24 hours so choose a different time to watch if you prefer. 



It is your second read of the non-fiction text 'Flight or Fright?' today (link for the ebook below). Read the same pages that you chose yesterday and your challenge is to read more fluently. You should hopefully have a better understanding of the text too after reading your selected pages twice. After reading the book you have some comprehension tasks to complete. You can download the sheet below and either print out the sheet or record in your home learning book. I hope you have fun with the challenge which is set. smiley


The maths lesson today focuses unit fractions  Please complete lesson 5 of the PowerPoint presentation and then complete the worksheet in your home learning pack titled 'Unit Fractions'. If you want additional challenge you will find the full set of worksheets below. Once you have completed the worksheet there's an extension titled 'Create Your Own Fractions' and an additional activity titled 'Unit Fractions'. You may prefer to complete the 'activity' rather than the 'worksheet'. Choose which you prefer, or do them both!


Today's PSHE lesson is taken from our planning we use in school called 'Jigsaw'. The lesson is all available online with the story and activities.


The story today is called 'The Switch Watch' and is about 2 adults, 3 children, a rabbit, two hamsters and a humungous dog called Bongo. It explores how hectic family life can be and how we can all help to make life at home more harmonious, even the dog.


There are quite a few activities so choose whichever you think is best for you as a family. I like the idea of designing a Switch Watch.

Freestanding Tower Building Competition!

There's a freestanding tower building challenge for primary children in Poynton (and surrounding areas) being launched this week. There will be prizes for the tallest tower, the most unusual building material and a ‘judges’ choice’ award which will be at the judges’ discretion (e.g. youngest entrant, best photo, most ambitious project etc.). 


The competition will run from Wednesday 6th May until midnight on Thursday 14th May with winners announced on Friday 15th May. Early entries will be accepted (before Wed 6th May) if they're ready!


All of the details can be found on the competition Facebook event here:


I hope you enjoy this challenge!


Enjoy your day and keep sharing your super work!