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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Religious Education

Emily and Noah prepared a beautiful Collective Worship based on God's world and how we need to take care of it. This linked in with CAFOD's Lenten campaign to      Support those who work to support the Amazon Rainforest. 
Preparing for our collective worship on Jesus chooses the disciples.
Through drama we created 'frieze frames' of Jesus (lost) in the temple. We then brought them to life thinking about what each of the characters might have been saying and thinking. 
Mr Fraser brings to life the story of Jesus choosing his first disciples, during our 'Bible Encounter' story. We look forward to the forthcoming Easter Story trail that Mr Fraser usually leads at St. George's Church.
Here are our finished triptychs. We have written about each picture in our Religion books. We carefully chose meaningful words to place around the frame of each scene.
We looked at many different artists work on each part of the Christmas story, looking at their use of colour and symbolism to reflect the meaning at the heart of each stage of the journey towards the crib. We used these to create our triptychs, which we then referred to in our own retelling of the Christmas Story. 
Father Peter joins us for our Advent Service. As Jesus Knocks onto the door of our hearts, we offer to God those mistakes we make that we would like to change, and we look forward to being lights of kindness and love as we journey towards the crib.
To mark the start of Advent we reflect on how God is like the stars; we can't always see them but we know that they are there! We start on our Advent journey and aim to light up the lives of everyone we meet. 
We pray together during class collective worship. Our thoughts and feelings can be many different 'colours'. We read a prayer that reminds us that God is with us on our journey through life. When we are happy, worried, sad, excited.... in everything. As we sung 'Bring it All To Me', we offer all that we feel to God. 
As an introduction to our topic, 'Chosen People' we read the story, 'You Are Special' by Max Lucado. We discussed how God made us and loves us all equally, regardless of how we look and how talented we believe ourselves to be. This led to us completing the sentence 'God Is...'. Through this selection of our pictures and explanations you will see the many ways in which we can describe our wonderful God. 
Our CAFOD Harvest Assembly, where we thanked God for the fruits of His world. We realise how fortunate we are to have water, food, homes and an education. By wearing bright clothes and donating money to CAFOD we were delighted to support them in their efforts to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Led by the GIFT team we have also collected food and toiletries to donate to the Wellspring in Stockport, who support the homeless and disadvantaged in our local communities. 
Here we are singing our hymns, reading prayers and reflections and acting out the story of 'The Two Sons' and 'The Enormous Turnip'. We thank our parents, parishioners and Father Peter for joining us in our celebration. Videos can be found on our separate video page! 

Following our multi sensory exploration of the story of 'Moses, The Baby In The Basket'; which we had heard from the Bible, watched in a short animation, performed in drama frieze frames and studied through art, we wrote our own 'Senses poems' imagining we were there. We had many wonderful ideas and combined with our literacy skills of making creative word choices we are very proud of the poems which can be found in our Religion Books.