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Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Year 1's,

I hope you are having a good week so far. Haven't the weeks flown by? I think today should be a lovely, warm day so make the most of some outdoor play this afternoon!blush


Most of our learning is on our 'Everybody Week 7' page, (click on the link below for a short cut),  but your maths work is below... 

Our Maths Learning


Hopefully you now understand the concept of a half being two equal parts, so we will move on to finding  a half of a quantity. In this lesson we will  work practically using counters to find a half using the concept of sharing equally into two parts. Ask questions such as:

How many altogether?

How many equal parts are we splitting it into to find a half?
Does this quantity represent half?
How can we check our answer.

A half of __ = __.

___ is a half of ___.

You will need some  concrete apparatus to half different amounts;maybe  use coins, counters, pasta or smarties/ sweets (if you can work with them without eating them all up!)wink



We will be working from Lesson 3 from the power point below (PDF format also included)

There is an extra chili included below, but the main challenge cut up and solve cards (pictured below) are included in your pack