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Wednesday 9th November

Wednesday 9th November 2022                                      9.11.22


Good morning Oak Class!

Here are your learning opportunities for today. smiley


8.45 - 8.55

Please get your things out of your tray and go and sit quietly in the hall for Wednesday Word.


8.55 - 9.20

Wednesday Word


9.20 - 9.30

Registers / Reading


9.30 - 10.30


LO: To identify common multiples

  1. Warm up: Use the flip chart to practise your 6 times tables, covering up a few more answers (products)  that are easier to remember.  Chant them like we did yesterday.
  2. Game: 
  • You need:  one Gozinto sheet per pair, a dice per pair (or a cube that you've written 1,2,3,4,5,6 onto) and a handful each of counters of one colour.
  • Game Instructions (slightly different to the planned instructions, to make it less resource heavy): 
  1. Roll the dice twice.  (e.g. You roll a 5 and a 4)

  2. You add the two numbers. (eg, 5 + 4 = 9)

  3. Then, you find a multiple of that answer (eg,a multiple of 9 on the sheet is 36) and then cover te 36 with a counter of your colour.

  4. Then your partner has a go.

  5. The first to have four of their counters in a line wins.

  6. Start again. Keep score.

3) Whole Class PowerPoint - use the first question to mark Question 1 on your sheet from yesterday. Then, try the Venn diagram on following slide. Class discussion.

4) Questions in books. These are the sheets from yesterday, which are in your maths books. Mark work together after.

For anyone who needs more Venn diagram questions. Answers included.

For anyone who needs multiples problem solving

10.30 - 10.45



10.45 - 11.30


LO:  To create a question based game about Brazil

  1. You will need your English book, your large paper if you were given one (under my desk) and colours. (I have 3 of the English books)
  2. Continue to make your game board.
  3. Remember: the aim of the English part lesson is to capitalise proper nouns - these must be absolutely accurate.
  4. Your questions need to be neat, tidy and correctly punctuated.
  5. The questions will need an answer sheet.


11.30 - 12.15


LO: To add shading to a Christmas card design.


  1. Yesterday you used created a winter tree design. (Videos are saved in Student Share - Oak -Christmas card design.


2.  Today, you need to add shading.  Use this video to show you what to do.

(see student share video 2)

3.  The finished trees will need copying and attaching to special sheets, which are in the pigeon hole.  I can come in on Thursday to do this if needed as it's a busy day today. smiley  Mrs Cheshire would ideally like them on Thursday to be sent away.

12.15 - 13.15

Lunch and Y5 art club for a group of Reception children, supervised by Mrs Danton. See list on board for who is having lunch first (and clearing away) or second (and setting up).


12:45 - Year 6 change and to Forest School - Mrs Cheshire supervises


13.15 Register

13.20 - 14.20

Remembrance Art

Use the PPT to guide you through the lesson.

You can choose your silhouette, but I think poppies would be the best.