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Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning Year 2's. smiley I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the lovely warm weather. Your maths learning and topic page links are below but our literacy lesson videos and task are under our 'Everybody Week 8' page.

The link is below, but you may firstly like to join in our very first...


heartWEDNESDAY WORD ON  ZOOM! Mrs Smith has shown more technological expertise than me and has kindly arranged this. Follow the link below to Mrs Smith's blog page where you will find a link to join. This will start at 9.15. You will need your blogging login details to hand. 

Our literacy learning


This can be found by following the link below to our 'Everybody Week 8/ Wednesday 3rd June' page below...



Today's maths lesson focuses on describing turns - clockwise and anti-clockwise. The children need a clock face to complete the tasks today so use the one included in your last home learning pack,  download the practical resource sheets which includes a template of a clock to make or use the link below which will take you to an interactive version. 

To start the lesson review some previous learning by using the minute hand to show:

  • quarter turn
  • half turn
  • whole turn
  • clockwise
  • anti-clockwise


Then share the PowerPoint presentation lesson 2, use your clock throughout and discuss the following questions:

Can you show the turns on the clocks using the pictures / descriptions?
How has the clock turned?
Is it a quarter / half / full turn?
Has it turned clockwise or anticlockwise? How do you know?
Can you describe the turns made?
Can you draw the turns made?
Can you create, describe and draw your own turns?


Then complete the worksheet found in your Home Learning pack called 'Describe the clock turns'. This should be a practical task so please continue to use the clock to help with this task as it will help develop your understanding. 

Our afternoon topic activities


If you have the time to explore our other curriculum areas of learning, follow the link to our page below...

Have a wonderful day and we hope you enjoy your learning. smiley