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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Good morning to you all! Whether you are working at home or in school Mrs Rogers and I send you all lots of love and some  magic super powers to get through the next few weeks. Mums and dads; some of those super powers are coming your way too! I think Mrs Rogers and I will shower ourselves in them also!wink Events took a turn we weren't expecting!

We are so grateful for your support and heartfelt thanks for the many Christmas cards, chocolates, biscuits, cakes and gifts you sent into school. We were and always are incredibly touched by your kindness and words of support and encouragement. 


We are continuing on our learning journey as we would have had we been in school; following our curriculum plan. For the next two weeks we will be completing our history based topic on toys and life within living memory a

and our Religion work on Mary our Mother. We will then be moving onto a geography based theme, 'Would you prefer to live in England or Kenya?'


Of course the situation we all find ourselves in is very different to us being in school with the children for a full day and so we emphasise that we don't want you to feel overburdened or pressured. Whilst we will put on a full day's activities, if you are able to cover the read, write inc work with Rosie, join in with some maths and make time to read then you will be covering our key areas of learning. The children can even be practicing their handwriting when doing the spellings with Rosie. smiley We are acutely aware of the struggle many of you will be facing juggling several children, your own jobs and trying to keep positive! Do what you can and know that you are doing your best!


Likewise, if you are super energised and can manage it all we also have additional websites, links to educational games and lessons and 'enrichment activites' under our home learning rainbows! 


We would love to see your work so please send us photos or a scan to our class email. Don't feel a daily pressure; just as and when you can.


Do feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We will be making 'safe and well' phone calls over the next few weeks, but if you should ever feel that your child would benefit from a phone call/ chat with us then just let us know. heart


Anyway, onto today's Learning

A blended Wednesday Word Today! 


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Hail Mary || Signing Video

Hail Mary by Mike Stanle ySigned

Introduction to our writing task

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Our Learning Today


  • Writing - All about our Christmas Holiday
  • Read, Write Inc Phonics with Rosie
  • Maths - Separate year 1 and 2
  • Afternoon - Religion - Mary our Mother

My Christmas Holiday


I am so sad that I can't see you in person to hear all about your Christmas and what presents Father Christmas brought that I am having to do the next best thing; asking you to write to me telling me all about it! 

You can use my sheet below or use your own paper or note book. I have included a 'scaffold' to help you to build your sentences. You can use this or write your own sentences from start to finish! I also include my own example. 


To help you to sound out your words...

Speed Sounds lesson available from 9.30am


Yes she's back. It's Rosie!smileyheart


Today's set 3 sound  to review is 'oi'. Please watch the two videos; learning the sound, then reading and spelling the words. If you want additional challenge then watch the video called 'Reading Longer Words', which will look at oi and oy. Please note some Year 1 children may not be ready for Set 3 sounds and you may prefer to watch the Set 2 sounds video which focuses on the 'ee' sound. Just scroll down the page to select the set 2 or 3 sound video. They haven't been put on at the time of me setting this!

Our Maths Learning Today...


 Year 1


 Today you will be learning to apply your knowledge of one more and one less to different problems. Have some paper ready to join in with the 'Get Ready' challenge or use a white board or magnetic writing board.smileyHave your worksheet or paper ready so you can complete your work alongside the teaching video.yes

Year 2


 Today you will be adding money amounts together to find the total. You will also learn how this can be written. The questions do get harder as they go on; so aim to do at least the first 3 and then if you can meet the challenge of the later questions have a go, but don't worry if you find them too tricky. smiley

Year 2 worksheet - Find the total

Our afternoon activity - Religion through Art


 Our learning outcome; To reflect on our learning on Mary our Mother and create a picture of her which we will surround with words to describe her, or a short prayer.

Everything is hopefully explained in my powerpoint

Enjoy your day everyone, and parents, only do what you can manage.laugh