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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Religious Education

On a hot afternoon we took our learning outside. We gathered in the quiet area for our collective worship; reflecting on when we most feel the presence of God to be with us. We then performed our group 'Pentecost' dances for one another. Our dance challenge was to depict the Holy Spirit breathing new life and purpose into the disciples so that they could 'Rise Up' and spread the good news that had been brought to them through the life of Jesus. 


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As part of our 'Resurrection' topic we looked at and discussed many modern art images depicting the resurrection of Jesus. We looked at the use of colour and form; trying to interpret what the artists were portraying through their work. We also looked at the hand painted wooden crosses we have around our school with clear images linking into the life of Jesus and our faith. We then created our own crosses, each different and some with clear images and some with a theme shown through the colours we have chosen. 
Here are our crosses and you can read our explanations displayed with our crosses in class.

We used our drama skills of creating a frozen picture and then bringing it to life to re-enact what happened to Jesus on 'Good Friday'. Each group created a different scene, with the cloak representing Jesus in each group; hence it being passed on. We performed in silence to 'Everything I Do I Do It For You' by Bryan Adams. Watch the video on the video link under the class page link on the website 

In class we shared in the  'Last Supper' of Jesus and his disciples. We shared hot cross buns and grapes to represent the bread and wine that becomes the body and blood of Jesus. 
We all contributed to our display representing 'God's Great Plan'. Look at all of the marvellous things God made. 
Our Christmas Play 'Angel Express' helped us to live through the story of Christmas; we all worked very hard to learn our lines, songs and to become fabulous actors and actresses. Can you recognise which character from the nativity we are? 

Collective worship is a special time when we gather to pray, reflect, listen and engage together in the presence of God. 

We were also delighted to welcome Father Peter to join us for our Advent service, where we reflected on how we can be lights of love, kindness and joy as we prepare for the coming of Jesus.

Advent; a time of hope. Class collective worship.

We have been learning about CAFOD's work in Bangladesh. We have taken up the 'Give it up challenge' to raise money this Lent.

Today Father Peter joined us for our Lenten penitential service. We followed a ‘trail’ from being on the beach with Jesus and his disciples into ‘The Garden’ where we were reminded that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who always looks after us and is ready to forgive us; just as he did in the story of Zacchaeus. We were reminded of the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus felt alone and sad; just as we do sometimes too. In these times He is with us.  We each offered our sorry prayers to Jesus; through Father Peter.

Laila, Lola and Matty led us in our collective worship this week. They linked their theme in with our learning on church celebrations. 
Inspired by the story of how Jesus chose his first disciples, we recorded our answers to the question 'How can we be a follower of Jesus?' We created a display of our answers and recorded how we will follow Jesus' example; especially during Lent, on our little fish. This linked in to our Lenten fundraising for CAFOD.