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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


We have also planted broad beans and learnt what they will need to grow.

In our plants topic we looked at seeds and then planted a sunflower seed each. We will watch it as it grows.

As part of our plants topic we looked at lots of fruit and vegetables. We discusssed where and how they might grow. We discussed how they looked inside and we smelt them!

We found out about magnets by testing objects to see if they were magnetic or not and also hunted for objects that were magnetic

We have been learning about materials and finding out about their properties by playing a matching game

Our torn umbrella investigation: we tested a range of materials to see which would be the most useful to mend the umbrella. We tested for waterproof and not waterproof.

We observed the puddle to see the changes that happened to the water.

We went on a winter walk to look for signs of winter and seasonal changes.

There were mini figures trapped in an ice block! We had to suggest ways that the figures could be released. We tried to warm them up using cloths.

In our Mad Science assembly we learnt all about energy.

Plenty of discussion about our celery experiment. We put sticks of celery into a jar of coloured water and observed what happened to it over the week.

We sorted the objects into magnetic and non-magnetic

We explored our sense of touch and had to describe the objects we felt.