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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 23rd April


You know what to do... wink


But, I had an idea...

...if anyone would like to make a very short (1 or 2 minutes) PE warm up video or dance routine, or a little teaching video explaining how to do something sporty, I'll start posting them here each morning. I think it would be a lovely way of keeping in touch.  Email to


LO: To use the 'Padlet' to interact with a Podcast.


It's day 3 of our podcast experience with Pie Corbett.  I hope you were listening yesterday to hear the 'shout-out' they gave Brunel Class. (Thank you Joseph R for that.)  It was lovely to see Poppy N, Poppy H, Joseph R and Rebecca's writing pop up on the Padlets (the digital Post-It notes) during the podcast.  I also know that Lucy, Niamh and Isaac have had a listen this week, when they could.


Today, I would like everyone listening to write something on the padlets.  You click on the pink circle with the white cross on it, by the picture.  Make sure you write your first name on them and if you also put 'Brunel Class' on it too, we'll be really easy to spot. Maybe we will even get out writing read out!


What is very clear to me while I'm listening, is how familiar lots of the language used on the Podcast will be to you.  I even heard the term "juicy words" which made me chuckle and think of Nathaniel and Oliver who laughed their heads off when I said it last.  (That's a metaphor - they didn't literally laugh their heads off ...thankfully)


Anyway, here is a link and a (silent) video to show you how to access what you need.  Have fun!

How to get on the blog 1.mp4

Still image for this video


Y5 LO: To add decimals that cross a whole number

Y6 LO: To identify missing angles in a triangle (no protractor needed)


In the final maths lesson for this week, click on the video link for your year group and scroll down to lesson 4.   Watch it while you complete the questions.  You can open the documents below, at the same time as watching the video.  You can answer in your books, or of course you may print if you are able.

Mark your work after.

Year 6: Everyone = complete questions 1 and 2. Complete the rest of the sheet for an extra, tricky challenge!


LO: To access an online Spanish Lesson

So, this is the government funded website where weekly Spanish lessons are being posted.  There are two links below, one for year 5 and one for year 6, but they are VERY similar in content.  


I know the vocabulary covered will be very familiar for most of you, but since this is 'blogging lesson week' I thought, let's give it a go.  Your younger brothers and sisters can join in with you, so there will be no 'waiting' for the computer.  


I'm hoping there will be some more challenging content for you in the next session, but if we find we are just more amazing at Spanish than most, I'll have a look for something else.  :)    Let me know on the blog about what you liked about the lesson and what you think they might need to improve.


Click on the link to open to the first page of the lesson and after you have completed each part, click 'next activity'.