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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Friday 27th March


Start the day with Joe Wicks and his daily PE lesson - have you managed it everyday this week? Rowan, Amelie and i have really enjoyed it, we even managed to get Granny and Grandad involved via Facetime.

Look at the Daily Routines page for the link to his YouTube Video.



We would usually have our spelling test on a Friday, so see if you can get someone in your house to test you on your 'Week 3' words.

Have a look at the next set of spellings on your list (Week 4) and continue to complete your spelling journals. Remember to practise them for 10 minutes every day.  



LO. To understand the key events of the ‘Transfiguration.’


Watch the story of the ‘Transfiguration’ by clicking on the link. Answer the ‘quiz’ questions on the PowerPoint below.

Jesus Transfigured - Matthew 17 | Sunday School Lesson and Bible Story for Kids |

Sunday School lessons for Kids! Try 4 Lessons FREE: http// Download the full Matthew 17 Sunday School lesson:

The Transfiguration Quiz


LO:  To write a letter in the role of an evacuee from World War II.


Over the last few weeks we have been learning about WW2. We have been focusing on ‘Evacuation.’ Mr Heaton, a real-life evacuee, came to talk to us about his experience of being evacuated from Gorton to Poynton. We have also completed some ‘Thinking Hat’ activities in class to find and organise information about evacuation.

Today I would like you to imagine you are an evacuee from a city, who has just been housed with a family in the countryside (just like Mr Heaton). I would like you to write a letter home to your parents describing your experience so far. Use the prompts and sentence starters to help you organise your writing.


  1. To refresh your memory, click on the ‘Lesson Presentation Evacuation’ below and have a read through what we have learned so far.
  2. Write down anything you can remember from Mr Heaton’s visit that you might want to include in your letter. i.e. the train journey, the ‘choosing’, seeing the green hills of Cheshire for the first time.
  3. Click on the ‘Activity Sheet Evacuee Letter’ and read page 1 for prompts and sentence starter ideas. These will help you to organise your ideas, include interesting content and start each paragraph in an interesting way.  
  4. Challenge yourself to be as creative as you can and choose your own sentence openers and ideas (page 2 and 3.) 

‘Lesson Presentation Evacuation’

Activity Sheet Evacuee Letter


LO: To explore our hopes and dreams (this activity is for you to complete with whoever looks after you at home, so it might be one to save for the weekend!) 


  1. Click on the PSHE link below and enter the password: home (all written in lowercase)
  2. Click on ‘The Story – Part 1’ and listen to ‘Fowley’s Wings'
  3. Then complete the ‘mid-story discussion’ with someone at home.
  4. Following this, listen to the second part of the story.
  5. Then complete activity 1 or 2.
  6. Lastly, complete the ‘Calm Me’ activity.
  7. Post photos of your creations on the blog!
  8. Remember to save what you have created as I would love to put them on display when we return to school.
Brunel, let's help spread a little hope and joy by creating some colourful rainbows to place in our windows!

Rainbow Ideas