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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Afternoon topic activities

We hope you have been enjoying our African adventure. This week we are learning a new song, please follow Mrs Rickett's loom video to join in with the actions! We will sing the song together at our zoom party on Friday! smiley

Also find out a little more about the inspirational Sir Tom Moore.

African mask art

This week we would love you to make an African mask. Have a look at the power point for some ideas. I have also included a page of photos and template that you can use as a starting point if you wish. Maybe you could come to our class zoom with your mask so that we can all see your creations!

Understanding the world - science

We are continuing to find out about different types of animals. Watch the loom video below and then choose one of the tasks to complete below. You can either complete the life cycle of a frog worksheet, create a hat following the life cycle of a frog or you could draw your own life cycle of a frog. 


This week I have recorded a loom video of an African song 'Siyahamba'. I have added some hand actions to go with the words. Have a watch of the video and see if you can join in. We thought it would be nice if we all sang this together on our end of the week zoom call!

Understanding the World - Safari Adventure

This week we are finding out about the animals we might see on Safari in Kenya. Have a look at the video below and then you can print the worksheet off from below - you will need page 1 and 4 only. You can print them off and then follow the clues for where the animals like to live and stick them in the correct location. Alternatively if you have any toy animals at home you could place them on some paper or make a scene of where they like to live - you could add some labels. Or you can draw a picture of where the animals like to live. Remember to read the clues to help.

Worksheet just print page 1 and 4

Safer Internet Day resources

Follow the link below to watch the virtual assembly and listen to the story of 'Detective Digiduck'

Smartie the penguin story 2


If you fancy a skills challenge this week click on the link below to Peak Active Sports page and you can choose one of the challenges.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our Jigsaw topic this half term is 'Dreams and Goals' Sir Tom Moore has been an inspiration for us all this year and he showed us how to achieve a goal. Have a look at the information below and see if you can think of a goal you could set yourself and see if you can achieve it over our half term break. Here are just a few ideas...

Catch a ball 10 times

Go for a walk everyday

Draw a picture of some wildlife you see out of your window, eg a bird

learn to hula hoop