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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 19th May

Notice: I will be in school from 1pm to 3pm today (Tuesday) so if you need a new lined book, sketch book, or would like a book with squared paper, please take one from the front of the school.


LO: To respond to a text - The Door Comprehension

Read the extract of 'The Snow-Walker's Son' by Catherine Fisher, which is at the top of the document. (Note: The link mentioned is no longer working) 


Answer the questions written on the document, in your learning books,

If you have more time, why not try one of the reading tasks set on Monday if you didn't do both of them?  Or choose an activity from the reading activity cards (from your first paper learning pack) and think about the book you are reading?

Maths Y5/6 LO: To add fractions - alternative activity

If fractions make your brain hurt, try these activities as they don't involve improper fractions or anything that involves problem solving.  The activities get harder so I suggest you start at number 1 and work your way through.


Year 5/6 LO: To add fractions

If you have been working on the White Rose activities, use the video link to help you complete the questions on page 1 (Q 1,2,3).  You will need to use bar models to help you complete these, so you can colour them in.  This work is HARD to do at home if you find fractions tricky, so do the alternative activities above, if needed. 


If you find it easy (and only if you find it easy) try the challenges on the second side (Q 4,5,6)

Maths Year 6 LO: To multiply decimals

Watch the video to develop your understanding of decimal multiplication and complete the questions on the sheet.  The last question is a little investigation!

Mark you work after.


There is a choice for today's science lesson.  Either have a go at this lesson about igneous rocks (it only requires the items if you want to try the experiment - you can just watch it if you don't have what you need), or choose from the STEM activities on the sheet.