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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning everyone!


I hope you are well and ready for your morning exercise...yes. that's right, pop over to Joe Wick's channel for the national PE lesson!  Here is the direct link to today's lesson.

PE With Joe | Wednesday 22nd April


LO: To participate in a Podcast lesson

From 9:30 to 10:30 every day, author and educationalist Pie Corbett, hosts a live 'National Writing Lesson' via the Podcast site   Pie Corbett is well known in the teaching world and knows lots of other authors.  Today, Pie is welcoming Kit Wright, the poet responsible for 'The Magic Box' poem.  Here's how join in:

1)   Click on the link below

2) If you're using a phone or tablet, you will see the image below. It will look slightly different on a computer. First follow the instructions to open the audio player in a separate window.

3) Then, click on the menu icon on the top left to see the image below and select TODAY'S SHOW. If you're on a computer, you'll see TODAY'S SHOW at the top of your screen.

4)  This takes you to the resources page where you can interact with the Podcast hosts and each other during the show.  There are images to write about on special Post-it notes called Padlets.  Each note you leave is checked by the hosts so make sure your spelling, punctuation and grammar is the best it can be.  The hosts might mention your work and read it out!  You listen to the lesson and have a go at the activities.  There are follow up activities to do after if you wish.  All of your writing here has a global audience - teachers and other children from across the world are taking part - so maybe label your work with your name and our class, so that we can spot it!  Here is Joseph's from yesterday's lesson!

An example of writing on the Padlet - look at Joseph's amazing poem!

If you are not able to get online for the 9:30 to 10:30 hour (which I know  might be really difficult for some of you) you can still join in later or even on a different day.  The link above still works and the resources are still there.  You can also listen to the podcast and follow the instructions.  


It would be lovely to spot a few more names from Brunel Class popping up -let's get our writing read by the author Kit Wright tomorrow!  Here is an exaample of one of his poems that you might recognise!


Have fun!


Y5 LO: To use decimals to make 1.  (Complements to 1)

Use the video to talk you through today's lesson and then have a go at the questions.  Complete page 1 then do page 2 if you're ready for a harder challenge.

Mark your work after!  

Y6 LO: To calculate angles in a triangle

Watch the lesson 3 video and complete the activities as you go along. 

Everyone completes the first page, but have a go at the second one if you want a further challenge.

Mark your work after.

Design Technology

LO: To make a model inspired by a virtual visit to Stockport Air Raid Shelter

Well, this was supposed to be our day out at the air raid shelter, dressed as evacuee, I felt the day should be marked in some way.


I've posted some links to resources below which you can use or choose from.  I would like you to have a creative afternoon making something - a model, sculpture, recipe, artefact, whatever you fancy - out of what you have at home.  It could be something temporary (because it's a shelter made from your sofa cushions) or more permanent (a junk model...I know your parents will want to keep it forever).    Take a photo if you can and if you sketch your designs, share them.


Tips for making this seem like a school trip activity

  1. Don't go and buy anything; get into the spirit of ''war time" by using what you have. 
  2. Raid the wardrobes for some clothes that make you feel like an evacuee.
  3. Involve your brothers or sisters if you have them and give your parents some time to themselves...(if they want)
  4. Get outside (if you can) as the weather is lovely - wear sun cream!
  5. Have a packed lunch in the garden.
  6. Sing a song 'on your way back' to create the noise of the bus or train.
  7. I give permission for you all to go to the don't need to keep asking your parents. 
  8. Do something fun.


Watch this virtual tour of Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Experience life as it was during a 'black out' in wartime Britain "" Opened in 1939, the shelters were the largest purpose-built civilian air raid shelters i...

If you fancy some cooking, here are some simple recipes

Some ideas if you want to dress up or have a WW2 themed packed lunch!

Build a model of the Lancaster Bomber - built in Woodford, just along the road!

Make a model Anderson Shelter