Judged OUTSTANDING for Early Years, Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes (Ofsted May 2024), ......'In the Reception class, children receive an excellent start to their education.'.....'Children are exceptionally well prepared for learning in Year 1.'.....'Pupils develop as mature individuals due to the exemplary provision that they receive to support their personal development.'.....'Pupils’ behaviour during lessons and around school is exemplary.'.....'Pupils are proud of their school mission statement. They aspire ‘not to have more but to be more’ in all that they do. Pupils are happy in school.'.....

St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Religious Education

During our topic 'Called to Serve,' we have been exploring our responses to Jesus' invitation to be a disciple. We have thought carefully about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how it might influence our thoughts, actions and how we live our lives. We have written poems to express our personal responses to this invitation. 
This term we have been studying a topic called 'The Transforming Spirit' in RE. As part of this topic we learn about what happened after Jesus' death and resurrection and how the behaviour of the Apostles was transformed by the Holy Spirit. We look at how the lives of Peter and Paul were transformed and how this impacted their lives and the lives of followers of Jesus around the world. Throughout this, we reflect on how the Apostles' experience can help, guide and lead us to Jesus. 

This week we have been learning about how Jesus made Peter the leader of the Church when he went back to heaven. We explored what Jesus said to Peter and what these words meant. “I say that you are Peter (the rock) and on this rock I will build my church…I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matt16:18-19) We got creative and made models of what these words represent. 

We have been finding out that popes are successors of St. Peter and have researched the lives of the most recent popes. We have spent some time reflecting on how they lead us to Jesus. 
We have been learning about the Ascension and what happened at Pentecost. We have been learning about how the Holy Spirit transformed the apostles, especially the lives of Peter and Paul!

A Creative Take on the Story of Pentecost

We explored the story of Pentecost in a number of ways. We watched and listened to the song below and imagined we had been asked to teach the children in Drake class about Pentecost. We had to think of actions that would accompany this song. We were able to collaborate with a friend.

Pentecost Song No More Waiting

We learned what life was like in the early Christian Community and about the Apostles’ arrest and their miraculous escape. We explored what we can learn from the Apostles and early Christians about faith, suffering, courage and hope. We explored what we thought changed a group of fearful men, who used to meet in secret, into a group of fearless preachers and linked our learning to 'Myriam's Story' an Iraqi Christian refugee.   

Myriam's Story and Song

We watched the clip, ‘Myriam’s Story and Song’ and gave reasons why we believe she is a ‘Shining Star.’ We reflected upon what message we would you like to send her in the light of our recent learning. We were able to see that theHoly Spirit was working through Myriam also.

We have been learning about the events of the transfiguration

We think Lego is a brilliant learning tool - have a look at these photos of Scott's Lego models telling the Easter story.

As part of our home learning about Holy Week, we have been creating 'Resurrection Eggs' to retell the Easter Story in detail, using symbols and Bible references.

We looked at examples of artists' work portraying Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. They are so well done!

We learned about when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at The Last Supper and after retelling the story, we considered what Jesus was trying to teach his disciples and how we can apply this lesson to our own lives.

We have been thinking about advent and how we can prepare by asking for forgiveness in our reconciliation service. We used the door to represent God’s invitation to us to enter the kingdom and welcome Jesus’ coming..

We used drama to explore the story of Elijah and Naboth’s vineyard. God calls to us all to speak out against injustice.