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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Good  morning everyone. I hope you are all well this morning. smileyheart


Good morning!

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It was lovely to see your artwork from your PSHE lesson yesterday afternoon. We are so proud of you all for expressing yourselves and talking about your feelings. Here are a few pictures which we thought you may like to see. 

Children's Mental Health Week - Express Yourselves

Wonderful Work


Last week my laptop was so full of all of your wonderful work that it was bursting! We love to see your work and I know all of your friends do too, so here is some more to enjoy. I think we could maybe have our own programme on television; Bursting with Brilliance in Beech Class! What do you think?smileyheart

A closer look at some more masks...Well done Zari and Alanna!

We will share more work throughout the day, I could keep going ALL day, but Mrs Armstrong-Boyle is waiting for you to join her for the Wednesday Word! Click on the link below to join her...

The Wednesday Word


Our Learning Today

  • Our final read of our books - followed by questions
  • Join Rosie for our speedy sounds from 9.30am
  • Grammar and writing - revising our work from last week and putting these into practice as we write onto the back of our postcards we illustrated for our Geography work last week.
  •  Maths
  • Geography - I've swapped our Geography and art afternoons around so I can introduce you to the animals we would find in Kenya before we start to illustrate them. It will be art tomorrow afternoon.smiley

Before we begin our final read of this week's books, here is Arianna reading a poem she wrote about what sad story she would tell the sky...

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That was a super poem Arianna! We will be talking more about drought next week so this will carry us forward to then.smiley
Our final read of our books this week...laugh


Today it's your final read of your  books; 'Good Old Grandad' or 'Carrion Creatures.' Your challenge is to read the book fluently and to make it interesting to the listener. You can do this by adding expression to your voice as you read. As you have read the book three times you should have a very good understanding of what you have read. Move onto the back of the book then and see if you can answer the questions. Good luck. yes

Speedy Sounds with Rosie -Read, Write, Inc...smiley


 Join Rosie to practice your sound knowledge. Remember this will help you with your reading, spelling and writing. 


Today's sounds are;

Set 2 -ir

Set 3 - oe


Longer words for year 2 or any year 1's who fancy a challenge...or and aw




Year 1 or any year 2 children who would like to revise writing capital letters. Have a pencil and paper ready or a white board!smiley


Last week year 1's you were looking at where we need capital letters - at the start of our sentences and for the name of people, places and for some things/ objects. But do we know what the capital letter for each lower case letter looks like? What the video below to learn, practice and to help you remember. There is a quiz at the end too! You don't need to do the written task because we are writing on the back of our postcards from last week for our writing job. 



For Year 2 children who feel ready to continue our work on contractions.smiley That's when we take two words, put them together and take one or more than one letter out to replace them with an apostrophe and make a shorter word.


For example, I am becomes I'm


And don't worry; we will keep revisiting these so we get better and better at using them!



Watch the video and then try the superheroes game. To find the correct contractions game, press play on the game then scroll down the map once and move twice to the right. You will then see an ice cream van with ‘contractions’ above it! Good luck! πŸ‘ 
A short writing task - writing the messages on our postcards from last week's geography lesson

The task explained...

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Our Maths Learning Todaysmiley


Year 1 

Well today super star mathematicians you start our new block of learning; Numbers and Place Value to 50.smiley


You will be learning how grouping objects into sets of tens and ones makes it easier to count. 


I will include a number line on screen and to download to help with this unit. It's in two halves because you print it out and stick it together. 

Number line to 50

Your teaching video for today

This is "Spr1.5.2 - Numbers to 50" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Year 2 Maths
Today we move onto looking at the division sign and how dividing links to multiplying. You may find this a little trickier today so take your time and don't worry. For the number line questions you will be counting the jumps of 2. Also remember that the questions get more difficult as you move on, so if you get to number 4 and find it too hard you can stop there. If you are understanding the challenge keep on going...smiley

Your teaching video for today...

This is "Spr2.4.1 - Divide by 2" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Our Afternoon Learning - Geography - with an artistic edge!smileyheart


 Today we learn about the animals who live in the wild in Kenya. We will learn which animals we would find in Kenya and we will recognise that these are very different to the animals we would find in England. We might have some of these animals in our zoos but these animals would not be otherwise found here. laugh



Our afternoon task explained...

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Introductory power point and video of the story 'Handa's Surprise.'

A simple safari powerpoint

A more detailed powerpoint with videos

African animal photographs to help with your art work...painting, clay model, Lego model... you choose

The Aarvark is on twice to remind you to practice his song on Charanga! We will play our instruments to it again on our Zoom tomorrow. πŸ€—
Here are some animal fact posters to help you to paint/ draw/ collage your animal and some facts you could display with your art exhibit!heartI apologise that I have had to photograph these as the file is too big to attach!

Animal facts to help. If you need more information or your chosen animal or it isn’t here then you can research it online or in a book!

Finally a sheet to record important information about the animal you chose to model or illustrate...

If you only get time to do your art work today that is fine. We can write the facts on Friday afternoon. πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ¦“πŸ†πŸ˜πŸ¦’πŸ¦πŸ¦¬
Remember draw or model your animal. Use whatever creative means you have available. Do let me see the final product and don't forget to fill in your fact sheet or to make your own fact card. Enjoy!smiley