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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 29th June

Thursday 30th June 2022                                   30.06.22



9.00: Registers and Prayers

9.05: History

10.30: Break

10.45: History

12.15: Lunch

13.15: Reading

13.30: KS2 Gripping Yarns- 'Bluebirds'.

14.30: Track time

14.40: Get ready for game / class novel

15.15: Home / Football Match Away


LO: To know who the Anglo-Saxons were and why they came to Britain.


Having read the information about the Anglo-Saxons, this is your chance to be the Anglo-Saxon king or queen of your class.
With a partner, create 15 questions based on the information you have read and researched.
Use the Anglo-Saxons Chase game to compete with another pair.
The idea is that you will have your 15 questions as will your opponents.
Ask each other a question in turn and if you answer correctly move down the board towards Hadrian’s wall.
The winner is the first to arrive at Hadrian’s wall
•We could set up a whole class championship with winners moving to the next round and the losers dropping out.


LO: To know how the Anglo-Saxons brought law and order to Britain

Alternative Challenge