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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 6th January

Good morning! 

If you haven't read the blog post this morning, do that first, as I've left you a little video to watch.  I'm awarding 3 Dojo points to the first person who replies to my posts, two to the second person and one to anyone else who comments.  I'm also awarding Dojo Points when you share your work on the blog too. :)



Today we will start by continuing our Year 3-4 common exception words spellings tests.   The document has been saved below.  It would be lovely to collect in your scores and see which words you got right, so that I can update my Excel document and give you up-to-date percentages. 


Year 5-6 LO:  To order and compare fractions, using the denominator


Reading comprehension

We are continuing to complete reading activities this week, so choose the difficulty from the options below, read the text, answer the questions and then use the answers at the end of the document to mark it.   You don't need to print these off as they can be read from the screen.


Remember that we are trying to write as neatly as possible, using joined letters, capital letters to start your answers and full stops to end them.  Answers should be written in proper sentences. 

When you are writing, think to yourself..."Would Miss F be happy with this?  Am I truly happy with this?  Is this the best I can do?"


LO: To be able to name 3 types of Islamic art and collect examples of each

Use the PowerPoint to find out about Islamic art.  Collect examples of the three different forms of Islamic art and label them! (This might seem random, but it isn't... you'll find out tomorrow why!


LO: To describe the mood of a piece of music - Mars, by Holst

Use the PPT, following the activities given.  Press the little 'speaker' to listen to the track.  Your PowerPoint will need to be in presenting mode to do this.