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Year 5 History

Why was the Islamic Civilization (around 900AD) known as the Golden Age?

Before we return to school, I would like you to explore what life was like in Baghdad in 900AD in a little more detail. Today, I would like you to watch a clip on houses in Baghdad and why they were pretty ground-breaking! Then I would like you to explore what you might have worn if you had been invited to join the extraordinary scholars for a special event in the House of Wisdom.

Today, Year 6 will be learning about Anglo-Saxon society in 900AD so next week we will be able to compare life in both these places at this time. 

I would like you to watch each video and complete the linked activities below. 

2. Complete this activity based on video 1 - How Houses looked in Baghdad 900AD

4. Complete this activity based on video 2 - Great Fashion in Baghdad 900AD