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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning Year 2's. I hope today finds you safe and well.smiley  We have had some lovely sunny weather again this week, so make sureyou enjoy it whilse it lasts. Most of our work today is on our 'Everybody week 5' page. Today I will add links to that page from here... yes, my technology skills are getting better and better!!!wink Below I include a link to Mrs Armstrong-Boyle's Wednesday Word video and this week's newsletter and your maths work for today. 


Our learning today is as follows;


  • Joe Wicks - if you fancy a morning work out!
  • The Wednesday Word
  • Literacy - writing an introduction to 'The Great Round The World Balloon Race.'
  • Maths
  • Science

 The Wednesday Word


Is today led by Mrs Armstrong-Boyle. Follow the link below, and once on the video page click on today's Wednesday Word, which looks like this...

Wednesday Word Newsletter 6th May 2020

Please head over to our 'Everybody Week 5' page for our Literacy written task... click on the link below to take you there!



Our Maths Learning


Today we are looking at what we call 'non unit fractions', which are fractions where the number on top is greater than 1. For example, 2/4, 3/4,

2/3 are non unit fraction because we are looking at more than one part.



 Hopefully you are understanding our work on fractions and see the link to our work on 'division'. I know from woring with Luca that it can seem quite heavy and Luca's brain has got quite frazzled switching between halves, thirds and quarters. Before moving straight on you might therefore like to explore the videos and activities on fractions on the Espresso website below. This link should take you straight to the page, just in case you are promoted to input your password here is a reminder.


Look at as many videos as you fancy, then if you click onto 'Activities' down the left hand bar you can have some fun on the games. 


Enter username student6922 and password  pauls321

What the 'Espresso' pages look like for you to explore...
We are then onto Lesson 1 of the powerpoint below...
You then have a worksheet in your pack entitled 'week commencing 4th May', then 'non - unit' fractions. On this don't colour the whole shape in, colour one or more parts. For example, where there are three parts, shade two so you are shoeing the fraction 2/3. Where the shape in in quarters (4 parts) colour 2 or 3 so you are showing 2/4 or 3/4. I enclose all of the chilli challenges below. If you are able to print out and would rather do the one star challenge then do. Likewise if you feel confident, have a go at the problems on the last page. 

Science task


Please follow the link below to our 'Everybody Week 5' page.