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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 2nd April

Thursday 2nd April 2020


PE: You know what to do!

English - Writing

LO: To know when to use paragraphs

Today, I'd like you to continue with writing your diaries (nature and daily) but I'd first like you to brush-up on your use of paragraphs!

  1. Watch the short animation
  2. Watch the video about TiPToP to help you remember when to change paragraphs
  3. Use the PowerPoint and identify where some paragraphs need to go - you can do this verbally, or print it off and annotate it, but remember to say why the paragraph is needed
  4. Now, go back through your diaries and use these editing marks // to show where a new paragraph should have been used. (Time, Person, Topic, Place)
  5. Update both of your diaries, making sure you use paragraphs!  That's what I'll be looking for when you send me a copy of your work.

When to Start a New Paragraph - TiPToP


LO: To complete the lesson tutorials on My Maths (and then do the homework task)


  1. Make sure you have completed any previous My Maths homework.  If you need to REALLY catch up, then come back to this lesson after you have finished.
  2. Open the new homework (which I will be setting very late on Wednesday night so that you don't do it earlier!)
  3. The new homework is all about area.  I'd like you to click TRY LESSON.  It will explain how to do what you need to do and you'll get the chance to practise.  
  4. Once you have TRIED THE LESSON as many times as you feel you need, have a go at completing the homework task.  I would like you to do the homework as many times as needed, on order to get above 85%
  5. By the way, this is not your My Maths's your maths lesson work.  I'll pop some more My Maths on at the weekend to keep you all busy during the Easter Holdiays... as I would if we were at school!


LO: To compose a piece of music using graphic notation

The 'LO' PDF document contains the whole lesson for today and starts by asking you to listen to the music, below.  Click on the link and watch the animated video of the Benjamin Britten composition, 'The Storm', then follow the instructions on the PDF.  The other document is referred to in the plan,


LO:  To read and write sentences about pets

Watch the video and make an illustrated word bank of the pets you see

Add to your illustrated word bank using the information at the start of the video, then use the rest of the video to write a conversation asking and answering questions about pets!