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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning to you all,


I hope that you all had a good day yesterday. Today you have some phonics/reading and some maths work to complete. Remember that there a range of activities for you to choose from on the Topic page too.


Mrs Davies has been busy creating a wonderful 'Health and Well Being' web page. This is fantastic for advice on how to support your child at this difficult time and provides some lovely activities to complete too. Please do have a look and remember that we are here to help if you need us for anything. You can contact us at


Phonics and reading

10am – watch live Set 2 Speed Sounds lesson and Set 2 Spellings.

10.30am - watch live Set 3 Speed Sounds lesson and Set 3 Spellings.

Today I would like you to read Aeroplane Adventure for a second time. Remember that this time your reading should be more fluent with less sounding out. The book is fairly long so take it in turns to read a page each if you prefer. After reading please complete the discussion questions for the book. You will find them by clicking on the 'other pages' section of the ebook, which is on the right hand side of your screen. There are also some writing prompts so feel free to complete one of these tasks in your home learning book too. There are other books about aeroplanes on this website so why not read another book if you want to learn more. 

Discussion questions and writing prompts


The maths lesson today focuses on finding equal groups by sharing. Please complete lesson 3 of the PowerPoint presentation. The activity to follow is practical. Look at the sheet to download to show you how to do this. You will need to use resources you have around the home which can be used as counters (buttons, pencils, pasta, sweets etc or draw muffins if you can't print out the sheets) and plates . Use the sharing card examples (found on the sheet to download) to select the amount of objects and share them. Ask the following questions;


How can you share equally?
How many altogether?
How many are sharing between?
How many in each group?
How can we check we have shared equally?
Can I write a sentence to describe the groups?


Use the following stem sentences to record findings;

There are ____ altogether.
There are ____ groups in total.
There are ____ in each group. 


There is also an activity which you can complete called 'What number am I?'. 




Look at the topic page for other ideas of what to do today.


Have a fun day. smiley