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Aspire not have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 26th March

Good morning year 2's. Today most of your work is the same as year 1, so I have put instructions onto our 'Everybody' page. 

Your first task is to start your Mr Benn story. 

Stick your cover page into your home learning book but keep your story plan out so that you can see it.

Using your story plan boxes 1,2,and 3 you will write your introduction to your Mr Benn story adventure.

I have included an example of the start to a Mr Benn story to remind you of the link David Mckee makes to what gives Mr Benn his adventure idea.


In your pack you have sentence openers, time connectives and an adjective word list to help you to make interesting language choices and to use different sentence openers. 


Remember capital letters and full stops, to use commas in a list and check any spellings against your common exception word list. 

Also, re read your word to proof read and to check it makes sense. 


I can give you feedback on your introduction if your mum or dad photograph your work and email it to our galileo class email address. 

Good luck; these stories  could be amazing!