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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 10th January 2023

Good afternoon,

I hope you've had a good lunchtime! 

We thought you'd like some art while I am out on my course.  smiley



LO: To use oil pastels to create a picture of a planet in space.

  • Tomorrow you will be finding out about one of the 'celestial bodies' in our solar system (Sun, Moon or the 8 main planets.)
  • Today we will have a go at drawing some of the objects in the sky, which will support our work.



  • Start by looking at the images on the document below.
  • What colours do you see? (Think of detailed colour names)
  • What textures can you see? (Does the surface look rough or smooth?  Where and why?)
  • Shade and tone? (Which parts have used black or white to create dark or light areas?)


In today's lesson, you will have a go at using pastels to draw  (firstly) Jupiter.  The video below shows you how.  


Make sure you have the following items:

  • Oil pastels (not chalky ones)
  • Sketch books
  • Masking tape
  • Sharp coloured pencils
  • Folded up tissue paper (loo roll and also coloured tissue)
  • A clear view of the video - you may need to move chairs/tables.


  1. Use the masking paper to make your frame (on your page in your sketch book.)
  2. Stop and start the video as needed, allowing time for pupils to work on their planet before starting the video again.

Step by Step


Now we have all had a go at drawing Jupiter, you can have a go at one of the other celestial bodies. 


You can do this one in your sketch book too.  The videos for some of the objects are below, but you may just use the image to support your work if this is more manageable.  You don't need a video to make your own...just use the skills you developed when drawing Jupiter. 

Saturn Drawing Step by step

The Earth for beginners - Step by Step

The Moon Step by Step - for beginners

The Sun - Step by step

How to draw Neptune

Fancy a challenge?

Neowise Comet | Art with Oil Pastel - step by step

End of the day activities