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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Monday 11th May

Good morning Galileo children and parents,


I hope that you have all enjoyed the long weekend. We are going to be setting out your work slightly differently from now on. Mrs Davies has explained a little bit more in her wonderful video (can be found in the St Paul's Video section of the website). You will find Literacy and Maths work daily on this page or on the 'Everybody' page and there is now a separate page with topic work on. There will be a range of topic tasks on the page and you can pick ones you would like to do over the course of the week. If you have any questions please do email us using this address:


Well done to our winners, Luca and Evie, of the Mr Benn and Traction Man raffle prizes. We know you are all working so hard and love to see the things you have been doing. Our next raffle prizes will be Bob and Dougal raffle prizes. These will link with our books, Bob the Man on the Moon and Dougal the Deep-Sea Diver. We will be reading these books in the coming weeks. Keep sharing your work to win the raffle tickets!

This is the plan for today...


Phonics and reading

We are hoping that you are enjoying the Read, Write Inc. lessons these lessons are great for developing your reading and spelling. Remember to complete the spelling part of the lessons as well as doing the sound and reading.


10am – watch live Set 2 Speed Sounds lesson.


10.30am - watch live Set 3 Speed Sounds lesson.


Use the link to access the live Speed Sound lessons:


We are thinking about flight this week, aeroplanes as well as hot air balloons!


Please read the book called 'Aeroplane Adventure' (link below and there's no need to sign up yes). It's all about a Anna and Juan travelling on an aeroplane to see their Grandma. Remember, this is the first read of the book so you may need to do lots of sounding out to read the words and that's fine! Please note the American spelling of aeroplane in this book, the word only appears a few times but may be worth discussing the difference in spelling. 



It's Monday, which means its time to have a little spelling test and start learning some new spellings! Please test your child on last weeks' spellings and set them a new set of spellings for this week. Remember to carry on practising any spellings your child struggled with previously. If you want your child to have an extra challenge use the words from the spelling lists in sentences.



Today's maths lesson is focusing on making equal groups by grouping which is a follow on from the practical activity done last week. Use the PowerPoint presentation lesson 2 to learn about equal grouping. There is a worksheet to complete called 'Making equal groups-grouping' and then an additional activity called 'Create your own equal groups' if you wish. 




You will find the optional topic work on the Topic page or use the link below. Remember that these topic activities are optional and that your child can select any of them at any time throughout the week.