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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Monday 15th June

There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, Chapters 11 to 17

Listen to the chapters and tell me what you think about Jeff's decision at the end of chapter 17, on the Padlet below.

TABITGB Chapter 11

TABITGB Chapters 12 to 14

TABITGB Chapters 15 to 17


Welcome to the start of our new writing unit, 'The City of Silence'.

In this unit we will be playing with language and getting our creative juices flowing through games, poetry, description, artwork and video performance.  We will also use the 'Padlet' to respond to each others' writing and give you the chance to 'be the teacher'.   


Activity 1: Starting Game - The City of Silence

Have you ever wondered what it is like in...
★  the mountain of imagination,
★  the castle of doom,
★  the city of wonder,
★  the maze of wishes,
★  or the cellar of despair?
Well, you are about to find out! In this lesson, we are going to create our own unique settings by combining places and things.

Let's get started by making a list of 'places'

Now, let's make a list of abstract nouns.

Here are some abstract nouns that you could use:

Lastly, let's put the lists together to make some interesting combinations. Generate lots of ideas today as we will work on the best ones tomorrow.

Maths Year 5/6

LO:  To solve multi-step addition and subtraction problems

I thought we'd move away from fractions and decimals this week, so today we will be focusing on solving addition and subtraction problems which have more than one thing to do, to solve the problem.  We call these 'multi-step' problems because 'multi' means more than one. 


We will need to make sure we can solve multi-step problems before we can focus on 'line graphs' which we will be doing for the rest of the week.

Maths Year 6

LO: To solve two-step equations

This week we will be finishing off our learning about algebra and moving on to some measures work.


Today we are learning about solving 'two-step equations'.  'Two step' problems are sometimes called 'multi-step' problems as there is more than one 'thing' to do to solve the problem.  (Year 5/6 have problems like this planned, so feel free to work on that instead of this, if you feel you need to.)  For this lesson below, we will use these 'two step problems' to solve equations, which are part of your algebra work.

Computing - Internet Safety

In a change from the usual, this week I will be posting daily 'Internet Safety' lessons.  These are the same lessons that have been shared previously, however I would like all children to make sure they have covered the content so am posting them as part of their daily lessons.  It may be useful for parents to do this work with the children, so that everyone is familiar with the resources available.

Activity 2- Questions about the film

Discuss the following questions and jot the answers down.  (Possible answers will be posted on in Tuesday's lesson):

  • What different things do Sam, Ellie and Alfie do online?
  • What problem did Alfie face at the beginning of the cartoon?
  • How did the gamer make Alfie feel?
  • What did Alfie do when he realised something wasn’t right?
  • What happened when Selfie’s video was made public? How did it make them feel?

Activity 3: Design a poster

  • Design a poster for Sam, Ellie and Alfie's new band 'Selfie'.
  • Come up with a design that shows off each character’s talents and personality.
  • Email photos of your poster to Artwork only please! Do not share your child’s name or personal information, or any pictures of your child.


You’ll find lots of support and advice for parents and carers on keeping your child safe online at: 

Thinkuknow is the online safety education programme from the National Crime Agency.