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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 6th July

Wednesday 6th July 2022                         06.07.22



8.45: Wednesday Word

9.20: Registers and prayers

9.30: English

10.30: Break

10.45:  Y5 Maths / Y6 Transition Lesson and Leavers Prep

11.45:  English

12.15: Lunch

13.15: History

15.15: Home


LO: To answer questions about texts of the same theme

Begin by reading Miroslav Holub’ s poem The Door. You may like to listen to these two contrasting performances:

The Door - a poem by Miroslav Holub

Now, read the poem to yourself.

Decide which reading you prefer and why and jot down your response.

Now answer these questions about the poem:

a. What did you like about the poem? What was your favourite line and why?
b. How did the poem make you feel?
c. Which line in the poem did you find the most interesting and why?
d. Are there any parts of the poem that leave you with unanswered questions?
e. What questions would you like to ask the poet, Miroslav Holub?

Read this extract of 'The Snow Walker's Son' by Catherine Fisher

Now discuss these questions with your group and write down your ideas.


  1. 'The door was the last one in the corridor'.  What is the significance of the word last?  Can you think of another context where the word last has a significant meaning? e.g. the last chance.
  2. How do these opening lines set the mood of the story? What are your immediate impressions? The door was the last one in the corridor.
    'As the flames flickered over it, they showed it was barred; a hefty iron chain hung across it, and the mud floor beneath was red with rust that had flaked off in the long years of locking and unlocking.'
  3. Having spent a great deal of time thinking about the significance of doors and their appearance, what does this description suggest to you?
  4. Why has Fisher described the iron chain as being ‘hefty’? What could the significance of this word be in the context of the story?
  5. 'Darkness and a damp smell oozed through the black slit.'  How does this make you feel as a reader? What is the relevance of both darkness and a damp smell? Do either of these surprise you; if so, why?

Year 5 Maths

LO: To add and subtract decimals with the same number of decimal places

Year 5 Lesson Video-Adding and subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places (problem solving)


LO: To be able to answer who, where, when and why questions about the Vikings

Q1: Who were the Vikings?

Q2: Where were they from?

Q3: Why did they come?

Q4: When did they live here?


  1. Use the Videos and PPT to learn about the Vikings and complete the poster sheet beautifully!
  2. Use the timeline resources you are given, to complete a chronological timeline of their invasion and settlement in Britain.
  3. Use what you have learned to add to your game.

Life in the Time of the Vikings | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach