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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Monday 8th June

Good morning Galileo children and parents!


I hope that you have had a lovely weekend, despite the very rainy days. Welcome back to another week of home learning! You will find your Literacy and Maths work for the day on this page and your topic work on the Topic page.


Mrs Davies and I still have quite a few Home Learning packs that weren't picked up last Friday. We know a lot of you download the resources, and therefore won't need the packs, but if you did still want them then they are available to pick up from school on Wednesday (9th June) afternoon. 


The plan for today...


The Smith Family have once again been showing their musical talents by singing and playing some well known songs. Why not start the day by watching and listening to the videos and maybe you could join in too!



We hope you are continuing to learn your sounds with Rosie by watching the Read, Write Inc. lessons. The lessons are available from 9.30am, but you can watch them anytime within 24 hours. Please watch and join in with the following videos:

  • Word Time - learning the sound and reading the words. Today's sound is u_e.
  • Spellings - learning how to spell words using the u_e sound.
  • Reading Red Words 2
  • Reading Longer Words

These four videos are key to developing reading and writing skills. There are parts of the lesson which involves reviewing what they have previously learnt. Reviewing previous learning is important as it is making your child more confident reading and writing with these sounds. The new videos (Reading Red Words and Reading Longer Words) are essential to support your child become a more fluent reader.

As you went diving under the sea last week and found out about the life of Jacques Cousteau I thought that this week you may find it interesting to learn more about the oceans. Today you have a comprehension task to complete called 'The Layers of the Ocean'. You will find this in your old Home Learning pack or you can download it. Please read the information and then answer the questions. When completing comprehension tasks its sometimes a good idea to read the information more than once and also underline parts of the text when finding answers. I hope you learn lots of new things!



It's time to have a little spelling test and start learning some new spellings! Please test your child on the spellings from last week and then give them a new set of spellings to learn. Remember to carry on practising any spellings your child struggled with previously. 


Your maths lesson today continues to develop your understanding of describing turns. Today you have a practical task to complete turning number frames and describing these turns. Please use the PowerPoint presentation lesson 4 and discuss the following questions:


Can you turn the number frame ___a turn ____.
Which way has the number frame been turned?
Can you describe / draw how the number frame has been turned?
Which number frames can you turn in multiple ways but get the same end position?


Then use the resource called 'Practical - number frames turns'. This involves choosing instruction cards and turning number frames. Once you have turned the number frames you then have to describe how you turned it and draw the position. There is a a web page link below with the number frames resources and word bank to download which you may find helpful. 



You can find your topic lessons on the Topic page. Please choose a lesson for today. You may fancy learning some Geography, Science or even French! Have a great day smiley.