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Good morning to all our wonderful Beech families,


I hope that you have had a well deserved rest this weekend and you are now ready for another week of learning! It's so lovely to read and see how hard you are working at home and we are so proud of you all. We are pleased that not only are you completing your work but you are also enjoying it! Thank you to you all for your incredible effort! smiley


Monday's lessons follow the same pattern each week. Here's what you will be doing today:


  • Spellings
  • Speed Sounds 
  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Science
Don't forget to add some exercise into your day too, whether it's going for a family walk or playing out in the garden! Here are a few videos which you may want to use if you are staying indoors. 


I thought you may like to start your Monday by completing your spelling test as you can't access your Read, Write Inc. videos until 9.30am. Well done for another week learning your spellings from home, you amaze me with how well you do each week! Remember to keep practising any that you find tricky. Mrs Davies and I love to see you spelling words correctly whenever you do any writing activities. Remember you can always use your 'Fred Fingers' and your Complex Sound Chart to help you with choosing the correct sound.


This week Year 1 children are learning set 32 and Year 2 children are learning set 43.

Speed Sounds

The Set 2 sound today is 'or' and the Set 3 sound is 'a_e'. As always please watch and join in with the following videos:

Speed Sounds
Spelling with Rosie
Reading Longer Words containing 'ow, o_e and oa'. (This is for Year 2 children  but Year 1 children can access if you wish)
Hold a Sentence 1 (Children learning Set 2 sounds). Hold a Sentence 2 (Children learning Set 3 sounds)
We are aware that there are quite a few videos to watch. The priority videos are 'Speed Sounds' and 'Spellings with Rosie'. Watch them all if you can, but don't worry if you can't fit the others into your day.


Year 1 children your book this week is called 'Good Old Grandad' and Year 2 children your book is called 'Carrion Creatures'. The purpose of these books is that by day 3 you can read these books really fluently and have a good understanding. There shouldn't be any challenge in the words read by the third day.


Please note that the Year 2 book this week is a higher level so your child may need a little more support or an extra day to read this book.


Year 1 children may also enjoy the 'Carrion Creatures' text being read to them as it links to topic. I'm sure you will lots of new words from reading this book!


Year 1 

You have been learning lots about addition and subtraction up to 20 last week. Well done for working so hard, I know that the subtraction crossing ten is quite tricky! It's been lovely to see photos of you doing your maths work using different apparatus at home! We have two lessons left looking at numbers to 20 and then later in the week we start looking at numbers to 50! Today you are learning about related number facts. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet. There are also some challenge cards which you may like to use over the week too.

Spr1.4.3 - Related facts

This is "Spr1.4.3 - Related facts" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Year 2 

Well done for learning your 2,5 and 10 times tables last week. Please continue to keep practising those. Mrs Davies and I may give you a quiz on those at some point. See whether you can get really fast knowing the answers! Last week you also learnt about making equal groups by 'sharing'. Today you are learning about making equal groups by 'grouping'. Watch the video to learn how to do this and then complete the worksheet. 

Spr2.3.3 - Make equal groups - grouping (recap)

This is "Spr2.3.3 - Make equal groups - grouping (recap)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Our Science lesson today is finding out about habitats! Before we start learning about what habitats are, let's start with a game. Our game today is called 'Find 5!'. You can either play along whilst watching the video or print of the sheets and colour in the 5! All will become clear when you see what you have to do!

Find 5 Game

Still image for this video

Find 5 part 2

Still image for this video

Animal Habitats | Animal Homes | Animals video for kids |

This video explains about animal habitat or animal homes.For more videos go to: tuned for more videos...

Introduction to Habitats

Still image for this video

Introduction to Habitats part 2

Still image for this video

Habitats PowerPoint

Habitat Detectives!

The Habitat Song w/Lyrics

Bill Oliver's "Habitat Song" Very catchy tune to teach your students about different habitats.