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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Week commencing Monday 18th May

Science Activity - exploring forces through paper helicopters


Fancy some science fun based on forces? We don't study this in KS1 anymore (sad from Mrs Davies!), but let's not let that stop us doing a fun investigation. It links in to travel so there's a good excuse. winkYou may like to watch this little video on gravity to introduce you. 

The following pack has everything you need. You might like to test;

  • Which helicopter (large or small) stays in the air the longest?
  • Try different papers/ card. Does that make a difference?
  • You could (safely) ask a parent to drop them from a higher window to give them a good distance to fall. 

Most of all, enjoy exploring...

Paper Helicopter Exploration

Forces Explained

Famous author Michael Morpurgo reads a specially written short story 'A Song Of Gladness'.


Maybe sit, close your eyes and listen to the story, allowing your imagination to create the pictures. 

The History of Cars; Now and Then 

This week we are looking at how cars have changed over time. You have the resources in your pack or you can download them below. 


Art activity linked to 'Where The Wild Things Are'


Later on in the week we will write our own version of 'Where The Wild Things Are', starring …...YOU! You'll have to think of some mischief you have been up to!

In preparation for this, or after we have done it, you may like to create this sea scene and origami boat for your dreamy adventure. Here is Max's boat. It's ok; but I think yours could be so much better. Think of decorating your boat with images that reflect something about you. Your favourite colour, your hobbies, pictures of your favourite toys or people who inspire you. You can create the background scene as shown on the power point or paint a similar background to the one you can see on the picture. Good luck; do share any that you do. blush

Music -Have a go at Body Percussion



Computing - Coding-Year 2 


This will link to our maths work on position and movement